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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Bye Bye My Pal Mickey in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by disneydreamer98 I was just thinking the same thing yesterday V! Guess we need to pick up some outfits for Tanner's Mickey in December! Yes....we are headed back ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by disneydreamer98 View Post
    I was just thinking the same thing yesterday V! Guess we need to pick up some outfits for Tanner's Mickey in December! Yes....we are headed back down there in December!
    I checked on Wednesday when we were at MK. The only outfits I found were the ones I already had; the rain coat and the pirate outfit. There weren't very many of either left on the racks.
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    I love my Pal Mickey. I did get one off of EBAY 3 years ago and he didn't work at all. So I wouldn't recommend it Thankfully Zawadi Traders was nice enough to replace him.

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    I kinda felt like it was a waste of money when I first heard about them.I thought,well Disney,you've done it again.Done come up with another ploy to get more money out of your customers.Well done.Apparently,it worked.Now I am not putting down anyone here that has already gotten one,because I collect things Disney,and this could be a great collectors item.Everyone has something dear to their heart about Disney,so if ya have one,hold on to it,it may be worth a lot more money later on.
    But after reading the posts here,it seems that carrying it around in the parks became bothersome.As well,apparently,they were not loud enough to hear.
    Did anyone take them to a supervisor or anyone while in the parks,to see why they weren't working very well?I am curious about this;my girls were much older when they first came out,so we never considered getting one.I'd like everyone's thoughts on this.
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    I was looking at getting one on Ebay for our upcoming trip. Thanks for the info on him becuase they are selling for $130 and up. If you cant hear what he is saying, then it may not be worth the ecessive expense. For all of you looking for outfits, I have seen a few on ebay as well, but they are not cheap.

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    Thanks for all the info about the Pal Mickey. I read about it on the WDW website and thought it would be neat for our upcoming trip. You can find them on ebay, but they are $130 and up so if you cant hear him, then it probably isnt worth the excessive price tag. Also, those of you looking for clothes, you can find them on ebay as well, but they arent cheap!!

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    We purchased a PAL Mickey for both of our daughters back in 2005. We have not been to the park since and we are going back in March. Is there something that we need to do to Mickey to get him ready for the park or will he automatically be ready??

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    I was doing my college program when they released Pal Mickey originally so I got to participate in a cast testing of it. I wasn't all that impressed, to be honest. The trivia was fun but that was about it. I remember him being really heavy and way way way too expensive. I hope they implent this DS thing theyve been talking about, I think that would be really neat.
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    We bought a Pal Mickey for our 2005 trip. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but we had the same problems that some of the previous posters did...too low to hear, erratic information, and one more thing to carry. But we stuck with it, determined to get our money's worth....and by the end of the trip, when the batteries were running low, we would laugh at Mickey's slurred speeches and advice to reserve a spot for Spectromagic at 1 pm.

    We brought him on our most recent trip for old time's sake, but he never left the room and joined the pile of plush Mickeys on the bed. Disney is clever, though, now my daughter just HAS to have a Mickey from every attraction (Test Track Mickey, Cowboy Mickey, Jedi Mickey, etc.)
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    We got one on our 2003 trip and haven't taken it back since. My daughter was in a stroller then and it was easy to keep it in there, but now that she doesn't need one, carrying the Mickey is somewhat of a nuisance.

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