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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Down town Disney for the 1st day? in the Vacation Planning forums; I'm leaving for Florida on Nov. 28th and, after taking care of stuff like checking into the hotel and getting the rental car, I'll have a half a day to ...
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    Down town Disney for the 1st day?

    I'm leaving for Florida on Nov. 28th and, after taking care of stuff like checking into the hotel and getting the rental car, I'll have a half a day to do something. It will be to late to do a park and to early to settle down for the day... so is DTD a good idea? And would a 17 yo and a 54 yo enjoy DQ? Tips greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    That sounds like a great idea! Since we live in Atlanta, we usually leave our house at around 9 AM and pull into Disney at around 3:00 or 4:00 PM. Before we had Annual Passes, we wouldn't spend the money on a ticket for less than a half of a day, so we went to Downtown Disney and spent the evening there. We would have a nice, relaxing dinner there and then walk around and shop. It has a little slower pace to it, so it's nice to just amble around for a couple of hours and let it sink in that you're actually at Disney!

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    DTD is always our first stop. It kinda starts the excitement train for us, not that we really need any help. My girls and I have started a new thing where they pick out pins for good ol'dad to wear on a lanyard. Plus we are also going to start tossing in a meal at a good restaurant.

    To me its kinda like going to a giant Disney Store!
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    And would a 17 yo and a 54 yo enjoy DQ?
    I think you can enjoy Disney Quest at any age. I'm 18 and my family and I usually go there for our first day. They have a lot of virtual reality "games." You can build your own roller coaster (and then ride it!), shoot cannons at pirates and at eachother on the Buzlightyear ride, and so much more. They also have traditonal games if you enjoy standard arcade games.

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    Myself and my girlfriend (23/21 respectively) have been known to head over to DTD from Tampa without doing much of anything else in WDW. If you had a bit of extra time, getting your bearings around the entire resort is a great thing as well. If you were staying on property (although i've snuck aboard without staying on property before), I would suggest hitting the resort buses that pull up and exploring one or two of the resorts that you've never been to before. If staying off property, you could do the same thing, but by pulling into another resort (Caribbean Beach Resort is my favorite) and tell them you were going to eat/shop. I believe they give you a 3hr parking pass. Explore that resort and maybe hitch a ride to another one. I did this for my girlfriends birthday 2 years ago (which is around when you went) and to this day she loved looking at all the christmas decorations. Here are some of the pictures from then:
    Again, we didn't even set foot in a park and had the best time ever. The good thing about this idea is, instead of paying to get into DQ, you could come up with a photo scavenger hunt through all the resorts. It really makes you explore all the rich details.
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    DTD is usually our first stop after checking in at the hotel since we normally drive down from North Carolina. It gives everyone that quick fix that we are in fact in the World. The last two trips we even made it the last stop before heading home.
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    I think thats a splendid idea It'd also be a good idea to pick up anythign you might need for the next day like any cameras or snacks down there while your at it.

    DQ would be good aslong as no one in your party isn't good with like all the motion screened games because my mom couldn't handle most of that kind of games because it would make her sick.
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    We do several different things on our first day of arrival.We always stay on property,but we never eat breakfast at a food court.We go to Wal-mart and stock up on drinks,snacks,breakfast items,etc.My wife brings a toaster and coffee maker and the coffee.We have bagels,cereal,and such.Saves a lot of money.Also on our first day,we sometimes go to Old Town over in Kissimmee.It's usually a Saturday for us,and I like old classic car shows,so we might do that.We also have gone swimming at the resort,played arcade games,and started saving up those tix to cash in for the "cheap" prizes on our departure day.Resort hopping is also good,as I read another post.We usually will go and eat at Earl of Sandwich or Wolfgang Pucks at Downtown Disney,walk around,get a McFlurry from Mickey D's,basicly just hang out at DD our first evening there.
    Hope this helps,let me know.............
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