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WDW Theme Parks Discuss WDW would be a better place if _______ in the Vacation Planning forums; If I lived a LOT closer to it!...
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    If I lived a LOT closer to it!


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    If people going to the parks accept that there are going to be large crowds and long lines and high prices. A better place also if people didn't litter! And if I could go more than every other year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smack81 View Post didn't pass so many families that are obviously stressed out. It's true that WDW is the vacation that fights back, simply because it's hard on your body. I think a lot of families - particularly those with younger children - feel that the best way to maximize the money they spent to get to WDW is to force their kids to get up early and stay up late for several days in a row. That doesn't work real well, as is evidenced by the number of kids (and parents) you see having fits every day at WDW. If those parents would just take a break in the middle of their day - go back to their hotel, take a nap, go swimming - everyone would enjoy their trip much more.
    "The vacation that fights back" I like that. That should be their advertising slogan

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    ... if it were closer to home (not that that's not been said by many already)
    ... if it were all free
    ... if i could go there more often
    ... if everyone in my family loved it as much as i do (dad would rather go to the mountains :P)
    ... if no one ever complained or argued while we were there (using the "vacation that fights back" theme)
    ... if i could afford to stay longer than 5 days/1 week

    ... otherwise, it's pretty much perfect (:
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    if it wasnt a 3 hr flight away
    if it was 80 and breezy year round

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    if they would bring back Mr. Toads Wild Ride.
    My dream is to play all day long at WDW!!!!

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    definitely if it was closer to my house.
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