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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Am I pathetic? in the Vacation Planning forums; Oh, and the more you go the worse it gets...
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    Oh, and the more you go the worse it gets

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    Thanks, Dellzip, that's reassuring
    Stuck as far away from WDW as possible

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    You are not pathetic.

    I made my first trip to the World when I was 5, then again when I was 8 and then I moved there when I was 11. I actually ended up working there when I ws 17 and left when I was 18. To this day, I still wished I worked there.

    I've managed to instill the love of all things Disney in my 8 year old daughter (who's gone twice so far with me and my mom) and my mom's almost as big of a fan as I am. However, at 31, I am BY FAR the biggest fan in the family!

    Keep faith. Not that much longer til you're 18!

    Disney things I love:

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    No way are you pathetic, you just really love Disney like the rest of us on here!!

    It can feel tough when you cant get to WDW, i live in the UK so we dont get to visit much at all, but there are other ways to keep that Disney smile on your face.
    Whenever me and my kids visit the Disney store we happily sing out loud (and badly) to the music, we will have Disney movie nights (2 or 3 movies, popcorn, candy etc), and there are just the silly things like I've glued 3 xmas tree baubles together this year to create a hidden Mickey on the tree!
    Try not to let your love of Disney make you feel sad, just enjoy creative ways to add pixie dust to your life until you can go to WDW again.
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    Pathetic? Hardly, I was fortunate enough to have a mom that loved Disney World, so we made regular trips when I was a kid (every other year). And now as a father a three I have infected my wife, two boys, and yes even my TEENAGE daughter with the Disney fever, we will be back in November and they can't wait! We go every 2 years and as soon as we leave we are already talking about our next trip. The enjoyment truly comes from watching someone experience Disney for the first time, it's so overwhelming the you really can't describe it to people, they have to see it for themselves. Just remember you're only a kid for a short time, but you can stay a kid at heart forever. Disney World was Walt's gift to us and to this day whenever we families can all be kids together. That's why it is the most magical place on earth!!!

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    I think it was great advice from Lou, and everyone else here to stay young at heart. It is true that you don't have to be a kid to "be a kid" at the World. Have you ever seen a grown man wear a hat with dog ears and buck teeth at the supermarket?

    It is easy, I realize, for all of us to tell you that 5 years is not a long time, but we are a little more "seasoned" than you at 13! Look at this as an opportunity. You have 5 years to save every single penny possible to treat yourself to the most magnificent 18th birthday gift imaginable. Every single penny, from birthday card dollars from grandma to the penny you find on the cafeteria floor at school can get you one step closer. Use the boards to find out what you want to do, see, feel, or whatever so you can get a budget together.

    Most of all, stay active here on the boards. This place always makes me feel like I am surrounded by the best people in the world, probably because they are!

    I saw a quote on this thread in a signature line that says, "For those who get it no explanation is needed. For those who don't get it, no explanation will do." This statement is absolutely true. So your parents don't get it. That's ok. They are still your parents, so make sure you don't shut them out. Make sure they know your plans if you decide to save, or do the college program, etc. Maybe they will start buying you Disney Dollars for holidays instead of other stuff!

    Keep a positive attitude, and stay a part of our Disney family!

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    I'm 32 and being at WDW let's the 8 year old inside of me be free to run and play. Being an adult with kids, a job, and bills, it's hard to let that 8 year old out too often in a normal day. I try, believe me, but it's much easier at WDW. Never be ashamed of your love for the happiest place on Earth!
    "When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do."

    –Walt Disney

    8 trips and counting!!!

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