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Poll: Which attraction needs to be replaced the most?

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss MK: Which attraction needs to go? in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by disneymaniac86 If anything had to go, I would beg them to replace Stich's Great Escape. That attraction is special. .. Do you mean "special" like the special ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by disneymaniac86 View Post
    If anything had to go, I would beg them to replace Stich's Great Escape. That attraction is special...
    Do you mean "special" like the special olympics? If so, I agree.

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    The Hall of Presidents is a CLASSIC. Unfortunately I haven't gotten to see it since the refurb. I love history and I think that the Hall of Presidents is an excellent "synopsis" if you will, of the great struggles that this new country experienced. If you can't appreciate the historic value maybe you can just enjoy the amazing audio-animatronics that are present. Blaine Gibson did a beautiful job on the sculpting the presidents. I voted for Snow White after realizing that it's time for the Country Bear Jamboree to GO.
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    I'm a fan of the Hall of Presidents too. First off, the Audio-Animatronics are simply amazing in there. Yeah, you have to sit through the movie and some folks don't enjoy history lessons while on vacation, but just admire the technology. My father-in-law was convinced that there were real human actors on the stage, not "robots". While the Lincoln and Obama speeches (I'm sure he'll have one) are going on, just look around at the other them nod, shake their heads, whisper to each other, and generally act alive.

    Ok, so it's not a ride that you leave and run back back to the the very least, it's a cool 1/2 hour respite from walking in the heat!!!!!

    I'm not one for getting rid of old attractions anyway, I still miss 20,000 Leagues and Mr. Toad!
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    I voted for Country Bear Jamboree. I loved it when I was younger and it will always hold a special place with me because of that, but it is in desperate need of updating!

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    How anyone could put the TTA on that list is a crime in itself. It is easily one of my favorite attractions. The bird eye's view of Tomorrowland, plus all the behind the scenes exhibits makes for a classic.

    Stitch is the only ride I refuse to do. Did it once and it absolutely stunk. If Eisner were here, he'd close the ride and make it more scarier!

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    I chose CBJ, even though I wouldn't want it to go. I would like to see an upgrade to Snow White, but again, don't want to lose it entirely.

    I really want them to bulldoze Indy Speedway! Have you ever seen a satellite photo of that area?? It is an absolutely huge plot of land that a really nice E-ticket attraction and some other stuff could be built on. But we have the loud and fume-scented Indy Speedway.

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    I don't think I can choose any of those listed. A trip wouldn't be complete without all of these. Plus no matter how corney, borring or oudated some are they still bring me back to my childhood visits with my mom (R.I.P) So I say nothing should ever be removed just keep adding new stuff.

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    None of those need to be replaced but TLC is not a bad thing at all.
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    So I'm a bit late to the party but CBJ for me...nothing about it has ever worked for me...both as a kid or an adult.

    I'm really curious if anyone can explain the Stitch hate without any sort of snarky "you should already know this" type tone. I mean...I really, really loved AE when I was younger (an admitted horror geek since I was in 1st grade) but on our honeymoon my wife and I both enjoyed Stitch's Great Escape. It wasn't perfect but it was a good amount of fun to me.

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    I can't speak for the others; but for me stitch stinks because it's just a re-hash of Alien Encounter. In my opinion they should have put in something completely new instead of just a retro fitted do-over.

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    I don't like Stitch due to the fact that I was working MK while they were hyping it up and it was just disappointing becasue they built it up to the Cast member so much for the whole year and then it was just, eh. I also have a terrible memory of walking through the tunnels beneath Tomorrowland one day when the chili breath smell leaked and every time I go on the attraction now it reminds me of that awfully smelly day.
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    I'll vote Snow White, simple because it's the least special for me. It's not that I don't like it, it's just not my favorite. All the others are classics, and I just don't have the heart to get rid of them.

    That said, I don't mind Stitch all that much. I think it's funny when everyone gets their first whiff of chili dog. It does kind of stick with you all day, though!

    And now, you all may say how much you disagree with me!
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    Re: MK: Which attraction needs to go?

    If I had to pick one, it would be the Treehouse to go.
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    Re: MK: Which attraction needs to go?

    I voted for Hall of Presidents. It is one of two attractions at MK I have never done (Astro Orbiter is the other). I think it is too much of a classic to get rid of. Practically though, I think the tree house is outdated and I think I am one of 10 people that love the movie and used to watch it on a Betamax tape I recorded from the Disney Channel. Even having the WEDway People Mover or the Carousel of Progress as options in the poll is blasphemy!!!!!!!

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    Re: MK: Which attraction needs to go?

    Swiss Family Treehouse would be the one to go for me. It's an attraction thats just a set of stairs. Disney could put something a little more exciting in its place.

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