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WDW Theme Parks Discuss WDW Railroad Train in the Vacation Planning forums; WDW Train holds special memories for our family. Both kids at age one greatly anticipated riding the train at WDW. We would always back then take the first flight out ...
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    WDW Railroad Train

    WDW Train holds special memories for our family. Both kids at age one greatly anticipated riding the train at WDW. We would always back then take the first flight out of O'hare and hit WDW early afternoon that day.

    DS-he loved all trains. So excited he crashed by Frontierland. DD on her 2 trip, also 1 yr old, fell asleep at Mainstreet, on the train before it pulled out. The announcement about hands, feet, no eating and then "No sleeping on the train". DD flipped her eye lids open sat up straight with a shocked look on her face. Priceless!

    Now we ride the train when we want to quickly jump lands or when the feet are tired.

    Do you have fond memories of the WDW Railroad trains? Or do you walk under it, keep going and never look back?
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    Re: WDW Railroad Train

    I always have to ride the train! I usually ride it at the beginng of my day for the grand circle tour of the Mk and at the end of the day for the grand circle tour to conclude a magical day!
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    Re: WDW Railroad Train

    I love to ride the train also, especially in the Frontierland part. I saw on a video podcast the DL train, I was surprised to see how different the ride was from WDW (well part of it was different....very different). The video podcast I saw shows the whole ride, they have different clips on YouTube and this is one of them....YouTube - Disneyland - The Disneyland Railroad 1992
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    Re: WDW Railroad Train

    I love the Railroad Trains I ride it all the time I visit the Magic Kingdom. I enjoy the Frontierland part most too. The different trains are so wonderful. My favorite one is the "Roger E Broggie. Bizarrely I did the most rides with that train The whole ride is great and so relaxing, but I wish they would put more nice sfuff in to the trees and bushes next to the train track.

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    Re: WDW Railroad Train

    I hate to say it but every time i am in the park the train isn't running... But i do have fond memories of the train in Fort Wilderness. Waking up in the morning to the sounds of the steam whistle. Hard to believe you use to get around Fort Wilderness via bus, tram or train. I also remember the 1930s truck that use to drive around the loops with stuff for sale...a preferred site at that time was $9. ;-)

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    Re: WDW Railroad Train

    I love the trains! Walt loved model railroading so much he built the Carolwood Pacific Railroad in the backyard of his home on Carolwood Dr. which led to thoughts of the park and having a railroad going around it. If you love the trains at WDW go on the Magic behind our steam trains tour. Well worth the price, lots of history and a great pin.
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    Re: WDW Railroad Train

    always liked to take the ride all around the park.

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    Re: WDW Railroad Train

    I love the train. We always go for a complete lap in the afternoon, when the rest of the rides are busy. DH's favourite part of any WDW trip is watching the train come into the station in the morning, bringing Mickey to open the park.

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    Re: WDW Railroad Train

    I love to ride the train as well. It's only recently that I've found how far away the train whistle can be heard. I've heard it while leaving Epcot recently and I've heard it from DD's neighborhood. It just did occur to me that the whistle I'm hearing could be from the train going out to Rafiki's Planet Watch in AK, but the first train I think of when I hear the whistle is the WDW Railroad Train.
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