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Poll: Favortie E-ticket Attraction

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Favorite E-ticket Attraction in the Vacation Planning forums; What is your favorite E-ticket att. Mine is Soarin'. Its so relaxing and stunning. Its something the whole family can enjoy...
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    Favorite E-ticket Attraction

    What is your favorite E-ticket att. Mine is Soarin'. Its so relaxing and stunning. Its something the whole family can enjoy
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    Re: Favorite E-ticket Attraction

    Mine has to be Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. My family rides it a lot when we go . I also love Everest that is a fun one too.
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    Re: Favorite E-ticket Attraction

    looks like soaring is a big favorite

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    Re: Favorite E-ticket Attraction

    Of the ones you listed in the poll, I'd go with The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.
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    Re: Favorite E-ticket Attraction

    I always liked Big Thunder

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    Re: Favorite E-ticket Attraction

    I enjoy Rockin' Roller Coaster, especially if I catch "Sweet Emotions" playing. But i really enjoy all the rides you have listed.
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    Re: Favorite E-ticket Attraction

    that is a really tough question. I love all the E- ticket attractions so much.
    If i narrowed it down by parks it wud probly have to be:
    MK Splash Mt.
    AK Everest
    E Test Track

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    Re: Favorite E-ticket Attraction

    They are all good, but I think Tower of Terror is really special - a great brand, concept, execution, special effects, thrills - it really makes a statement. And it is so much fun!
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    Re: Favorite E-ticket Attraction

    Disney Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Mania (addicted!)
    Epcot - Soarin'
    Animal Kingdom - Expedition Everest
    Magic Kingdom - Thunder Mountain Railroad

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    Re: Favorite E-ticket Attraction

    Soarin' is so breathtaking and each time you see something new! I love seeing people who have never been on it and there expressions when they get off! They are just stunned!
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