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WDW Theme Parks Discuss very silly question in the Vacation Planning forums; Ok I know people are gonna laugh when I ask this but I want to still know... What is it like to meet a character? I have only met Pocahontas ...
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    Question very silly question

    Ok I know people are gonna laugh when I ask this but I want to still know...

    What is it like to meet a character?

    I have only met Pocahontas when I was little, and Jack Sparrow a few years ago. I kinda have this really stupid fear of the Mascot Chatacters.
    I have known they were just people in costums since I was 5 but I still can't get over this fear.

    And since I'm kinda not sure I will ever get over my fear, I wanted to know what it was like.
    See? It's a still question.
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    Re: very silly question

    This not a dumb question. Many people have this fear. I sugest the first characters you try to meet are Chip n' Dale. Personaly my favorite characters to interact with. They are fun little pranksters. For many, these these guys are the first characters they meet, so they usualy have good experince in handleing nervous guests.

    The characters greatly enhance the overall Disney vacation, and provide "hands on" magic that is different every single time. Unlike attractions you can take away something unique from every meet.

    I hope someday you get over this fear!
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    Re: very silly question

    I think you can handle it, no sweat, just remember that they can't talk, and use hand motions to communicate with you, plus they have a handler, so if Mickey Mouse gets a little crazy with you, the handler can grab him (just kidding). Just think of what a great memory a picture with a character will be once you arrive back home. Enjoy your trip!

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    Re: very silly question

    I have found that, with my kids, the characters kind of test the waters to see how the children react first. They have never approached in an overzealous manner! They seem to be in tune with whatever the guest feels comfortable with. We have always had wonderful experiences with the Disney characters! I hope you do, too!

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    Re: very silly question

    Also, once you get up to a character and shake its hand or give it a hug, you'll be able to feel the human inside. The costumes aren't so plush that you don't realize there is actually a person inside. That may be a little reassuring, because it makes it a little less fantastical.

    Starting off with Chip 'n' Dale is a good idea, but you might also want to start with Mickey at his house in ToonTown. That's a little calmer - and quicker because they want you to get a picture and get moving. I think that might be a good way to "get your toes wet" and start off with a calm, quick character meet. Mickey doesn't really act up at all; he'll just shake your hand, pose for a picture with you, then you're done.

    I wouldn't start off with a character meal. That sometimes requiring a little getting used to the characters first. Anyway, I hope you have a great time and I hope you are able to enjoy meeting some great characters!
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    Re: very silly question

    I have the advantage of having young kids, so I get to meet the characters while pretending that i'm having a ball for their benefit. When really, I want to meet them too. I'm a kid at heart.
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    Re: very silly question

    This is not a silly question! I work with the characters, and I see plenty of people who are afraid of them (both children and adults). If you want to meet them, there is nothing to be afraid of. The characters are wonderful, and know to go slow with people who are scared of them. Do you have a favorite character from a movie? That could be a good place to start, meeting your favorite character (if they are out). Just remember, they won't hurt you.

    For me, meeting the characters is my favorite thing to do in Disney. There are some days where I won't even do rides, just meet characters.
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    Re: very silly question

    It's almost exactly like meeting a stranger who's wearing a costume.

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    Re: very silly question

    I feel same the way, but strangely not with Disney characters. I get like this just about everywhere else though. Which is why I'll never attend an Anthro convention

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    Re: very silly question

    I've had some great interaction with characters this year. I stopped by to see Mickey in Studios to have him sign a postcard I was sending to family members who are coming here for the first time. If you had an excuse to meet a character in this manner, it might take the nervousness away from just meeting them and focus on the reason to be there. The princesses and fairies really take a lot of time with guests, even adult guests without children, which is probably why the lines are so long. Some characters like to "tease" guests more than others so just know that they are looking to entertain everyone in line. Chip 'n Dale and Bolt and Rhino come to mind.
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