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    Halloween Party

    What exactly is Mickeyís Not So Scary Halloween Party? Iím heading down in late Sept / Early Oct and read that it will be going on then. Iím assuming itís ONLY Magic Kingdom right? I also hear itís an extra admission, is that right?. Will the attractions be open during this time? Is it very crowded? What are the hours of the Party, typically? Hoping someone here can help. thanks

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    Re: Halloween Party

    Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party are both great events! It's only in the Magic Kingdom on certain nights and the weeknights are less crowded and cheaper. It is extra admission - around $50 and the party runs from 7:00 PM-12:00 AM, although people with MNSSHP tickets can get in starting at 4:00 PM. Most of the attractions will be open during that time, and the ones not open will be listed on your map. Everyone is encouraged to dress up, and many people do it. There are face painting stations set up and anyone can trick or treat (with GOOD candy too). There are dance parties and shows, the Boo to You Halloween parade and Hallowishes, a fireworks show that is a spin off of Wishes.

    Many people who have been to both MNSSHP and MVMCP tend to enjoy MNSSHP a little more, and although I've never been able to attend MNSSHP, I can't wait to go in September!

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    Re: Halloween Party

    Great - thanks for the info.

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    Re: Halloween Party Review Page - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (Magic Kingdom) - Powered by ReviewPost

    There's a fact sheet link there, and tons of reviews, from last year's party.

    We've been twice and it was great because we made the effort to dress up in costume and have some fun with the cast members. We try and focus on things you can't normally do during regular park hours, like the parade, fireworks, shows, dance parties, and greeting characters in special costumes, plus a few favorites that are especially fun at night. I would include the Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Tomorrowland Transit Authority on that list.

    There's special party merchandise, like t-shirts, hats and pins, that can be fun as a souvenir.
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    Re: Halloween Party

    I attended MNSSHP several years ago and couldn't wait to go back this year. It's worth the admission price, which is $59.99 for adults. The parade and light show are great and it really wasn't that crowded, even though I was there on Halloween night. It felt like we had the park to ourselves, with no lines on any of the rides. It's also very cool to see the kids (and adults!) wearing costumes.
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    Re: Halloween Party

    going this year cant wait!
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