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WDW Theme Parks Discuss If you could add one nation... in the Vacation Planning forums; My vote would be for Ireland!...
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    My vote would be for Ireland!
    DISNEY IS MY HAPPY PLACE THE ONLY TIME THAT I GET 2WKS OF HAPPINESS AND WORRY FREE TIME!!!!!! This time I will see it through the eyes of my baby girl born 2008.

    Next Trip is December 2010

    Can't wait!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhodisney
    I think a pavilion depicting India would be beautiful. The pavilion could be modeled after the Taj Mahal right down to the long, narrow reflecting pool in front of it. I see topiaries of elephants and a good sit-down resteraunt that served Indian cuisine, and shops that sells lots of brightly colored beaded things!!!
    And they could have a little 7-11 gift shop.

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    My top pick would be Greece with a water ride inside a Parthenon type building and a great restaurant with Pikilia and Souvlaki...yum!

    Egypt - when I think of a ride I am thinking Indiana Jones but that's already been done. It could be another type of attraction, something with pyramids, tombs, pharaohs etc.

    Chile could have a great movie attraction, I heard it was beautiful there. Add a place to sample some Chilean wines, that could be interesting.

    Switzerland would rock! Chocolate shop, replicate Luzern for its great architecture, Matterhorn anyone?

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    Russia! Absolutely Russia! I minored in Russian in college and would love to see some part of eastern Europe represented. You could get borscht and pierogies and they could build St. Basil's cathedral. The shops could be filled with matrushkas, laquer boxes and scarves...

    How do I go about requesting a country...
    - Jennifer

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKQJ10 View Post
    I'm with you on this one, Loric... I think Egypt would be an incredible addition to WS. The possibilities for attractions are amazing... Pyraimids, Nile River ride, Sphinx...

    Will it ever happen? Likely not.
    I think the rides you have listed would be fabulous.

    I also like the idea of Australia.

    I would also choose to add Holland, Spain and somewhere like the North Pole, where there is snow and ice (that would be different)

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    India, I would love to see a re-creation of the Taj Mahal.

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