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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Earliest memory of WDW in the Vacation Planning forums; Pretty simple, what is the first memory that YOU can recall in WDW? Not the, my parents told me I did this the first time we went to WDW. My ...
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    Earliest memory of WDW

    Pretty simple, what is the first memory that YOU can recall in WDW? Not the, my parents told me I did this the first time we went to WDW.

    My first memory is of a protein spill.... yup, I was like 8 and we were eating at Tony's. Well my family kept telling me I needed to eat more, suffice to say I didn't wanna. I did as I was told then promptly had to have my head stuck in a trash can so I could yack . My family has never pushed me to eat more if I say I'm full again. Ahhh memories....

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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    My first memory is being in Epcot with my family. We were at the Morocco Pavilion watching some dancers near the fountain. One of the dancers grabbed my mother's hand and had her dance in the show.

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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    I stayed in the Contemporary Hotel -- I can close my eyes and remember the feeling of stepping onto the escalator that takes you up to the monorail entrance... and when I got to the top and saw the monorail come in, I knew I was finally at Disneyworld. THat was my highlight! Love that monorail --- big Jetson's fan --- guess that's why! oh, 12 y.o. on that first trip.
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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    my earliest memory isnt of my first trip (which wasnt until 93)

    but of a promo that i saw and it got my hooked....

    The Cosby Family at Disney World, and being in front of the Castle at the end of the commercial.
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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    I am now 39 and i can remember fairly well staying at fort wilderness when i was 6 ..1976. That was my 2nd visit. I remember that well...i have a tough time remembering the M.K. though.

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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    My first memory was walking through the main entrance at Epcot, i just stood there and looked up at Spaceship Earth, i get the same feeling even now at 32.

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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    My earliest memory is waking up on my first morning at the Poly (I was 6) and my parents had the TV on. Welcome to Pooh Corner was showing and my first thought was that I watched the show at home all the time and now I was at the place where it "happened." I was so excited to start my first day at the Magic Kingdom. I don't remember much about the rest of the trip, but I vividly remember sitting on the bed having that realization.

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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    Driving the car on the Grand Prix Raceway in Tomorrowland and not being able to steer well because I was so young. My uncle was in the passenger seat and I still remember him swearing he would never ride it again because of the beating he took from my driving, and over 30 years later, he has never been back on it! That makes me proud.

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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    Going to Disney when I was a kid was always such a treat. Oddly I remember the sad feeling when I was riding to the monorail, leaving the Magic Kingdom after the end of our last day. It is a sad memory only in the fact that I had such a good time on the trip, and was sad to see it end!
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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    My earliest memory of WDW is back in 1987.That was my first time there,but my wife had been before with her family as a child.We flew down on the now defunct Eastern Airlines to Orlando.We stayed at the Peabody Hotel on International Dr.(too fancy for me-never again).When we checked into our hotel,I told my wife,let's go to MK! I mean,that's what we were there for anyway!My first time!I was 28 yrs old at the time,so you can see from my age,I grew up with Disney on tv,seeing the Wonderful world of color,with Uncle Walt,and the movies,and the tv shows about Disneyland.I wanted to go to Disneyland so bad as a child after seeing those shows,I think I groaned inside myself.
    Now back in 1987,the tickets were still called world passports.Multi-day passports and they were not called hoppers either.Nor did you have to pay extra for the hopper option like you have to today.Back then,you go to the first park,and get your passport stamped,and if you left you got your hand stamped and that was your re-entry.That was it!None of this scan junk,or this security junk either!But you've also got to remember that back in 1987,there was only MK and Epcot Center.No studios and no animal kingdom.Fancy that!
    But my wife and I,got to MK maybe soon after lunch time that first day,and when I walked in under the breezeway to mainstreet usa,I nearly cried.I didn't,you know us macho men,but I was close.Lumpy throat and all.I couldn't believe I was there!My co-workers had told me about Pirates and Mansion,and when we rode them,I was so blown away!But back then,we also rode the 20,000 leagues under the sea,and the skylift ride that went from one side of fantasyland to tomorrowland.Sadly,both are gone now.Space mountain blew me away!Why? Well first of all,mouse-trap coasters are my favs,and that is what Space Mtn is,and second of all,the entrance,the music,the whole she-bang!it was great!But we also rode the WEDWAY people mover,as it was called back then.But now is called Tomorrowland Transit Authority.I still call it wedway people mover.(WEDway stand s for Walter Elias Disney),if ya didn't know.
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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    It was either in 1976 or '77. My family & I travelled from NJ to FL in a large rented Ford van with another family. There were 10 of us all together. The reason for the trip was my best friend Eddie. He had cancer and his parents wanted to take him to the Magic Kingdom in case his chemo didn't work. I can remember the anticipation as we drove down I-95. We stopped overnight somewhere in the Carolinas, then in St. Augustine and Palm Coast which added to the anticipation. I can remember finally driving onto Disney property and how excited all 6 kids were. It was especially fun experiencing this moment with my best friend. The thing that really sticks with me is the seeing the posters that advertise the rides which hang under the train station as you enter the park. I remember pointing the Haunted Mansion poster out to Eddie and planning to go on it. We did that evening and I remember the sensory overload from the Mansion. These were the days of "E tickets" so we didn't go on anything more than once because it cost more money. Eddie and I happily recounted all we had seen as we headed to the other rides. Much of that first trip is now a blur and I only remember a moment here or there, but all are happy memories. Our trip was over spring break and by the next fall Eddie succumbed to his leukemia. Whenever I walk past those posters in the train station I think of my friend, Eddie, and the great times we had in the Magic Kingdom.

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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    We were in route to Ft. Lauderdale and my Dad made the comment we were near Walt Disney World that had recently opened. We popped in for just a few short hours. Dad wanted to drive the balance of the way in the light hours. It was torture to go into WDW, seeing how cool it was and not being able to see even a quarter of the place. I still have our ticket books from that trip. They are almost full.

    [QUOTE=elvistelth;847519] Whenever I walk past those posters in the train station I think of my friend, EddieQUOTE]

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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    I think I was about 10 years old. My family and I boarded the monorail and I remember looking down at the park and being absolutely amazed it was so enormous. We were all so excited to start the day, it was a magical feeling.

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    Re: Earliest memory of WDW

    Christmas 1989--I went with my parents, 2 older sisters and grandparents. Since I was too little to go on any of the "big" rides, my grandparents took me to watch a Christmas show while everyone else went on the rides. I don't remember the details of the show exactly, but I know that Goofy pulled me on stage and danced with me and then gave me a lollipop that was the size of my head. Afterwards, my sisters were totally jealous!
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