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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Anyone know who I would write to...? in the Vacation Planning forums; ...if I wanted to make a comment related to a customer service issue? I went onto the Disney World website and looked there, but the "Contact Us" tab is biased. ...
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    Question Anyone know who I would write to...?

    ...if I wanted to make a comment related to a customer service issue? I went onto the Disney World website and looked there, but the "Contact Us" tab is biased. For the Topic field of the e-mail, it offers a drop down menu of how to ask Disney how you can spend more money on them, but doesn't let you write in about your experiences. I can't find one for ...ahem.. complaints.

    Yep... for the first time ever, I actually have to seek someone out and (rant) for a bit with some slightly less-than-stellar feedback about my experience last night at MGM. Anyone know who/where I can write to? I'm not mad at anyone, and it was a rather simple issue really, but I just want to make my negative experience known so that maybe somewhere down the line, some actions might be taken, or something might be done, so that someone else can maybe avoid this same situation I encountered.

    Here's what I want to say to whoever will listen to me...
    The end to my evening at MGM was less-than ideal, and in my opinion, it simply "****ed the magic out" of what was otherwise a really good day at WDW.

    I do frequent day trips to the World, going about every 2 or 3 weeks. A day at Disney for me begins right at rope drop, and lasts well past closing time, often for an hour or more. For example, if the closing time for the Magic Kingdom is published as 9:00pm, I know that what this actually means is that Wishes begins at 9:00, concludes at 9:15, and then I will proceed to shop and wander Main Street for the next 30-60 minutes before wandering myself right out of the park. The evening fireworks displays and the casual, no-rush meandering after closing time is what I love about staying til close anytime I visit the parks.

    Most often, my day trips are spent at the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT, the two being my two favorite parks respectively. But last night I decided that because I was headed home for the summer shortly and wouldn't be back to Disney again until August, that it was time to hit up some of the stuff at the two other parks before I left. I planned the day like this: open (9am) thru appx. 1 or 2pm at Animal Kingdom, followed by a bus to MGM for the remainder of the day til close.

    Here's what actually happened.
    The day was going fine for the most part. Actually, slightly better than planned. We accomplished all we intended to at DAK faster than expected, and were in MGM right on the time I planned for, just about 2pm. By 4:30 however, as I was sitting waiting for Beauty & The Beast to begin, I began to take a closer look at the times guide I picked up for the park that day. It was slowly beginning to dawn on me that the rest of the day wasn't going to run quite so smoothly.

    My first disappointment was at the lack of a preshow at B&tB. I had been there in February and was ASTOUNDED by the awesome preshow by Four-For-A-Dollar. They were the actual reason B&tB was in the "must-do" column of my to-do list for the day. I asked a CM afterwards, only to be told (too late, I remind) that they do not perform on Sundays and Mondays. Well Fiddlesticks! But realizing that everyone needs a day off here and there, I wasn't blaming anyone for this... just disappointed.

    My second disappointment came when I realized that the times guide specified closing time at 8:30pm. I'm 98% positive that when i checked online only two nights before, that it had stated a 9pm closing time. So, that was another half hour chopped off the end of my WDW experience for the day. But again, knowing that it is possible I read the calender wrong off the website, I am not blaming Disney for this either.

    So now I'm starting to be a bit taken back, but still I'm not pointing fingers or being unreasonable. But here comes a slightly bigger hit. I remembered the days of old, when I used to set up in front of the Grauman's Chinese Theater and watch a spectacular fireworks display. It was my mother's favorite evening show, in fact. I hadof course heard much of Fantasmic in recent past, but had yet to experience it for myself, and was certainly looking forward to it. From what I had heard beforehand, it was held in a theater with a limited seating capacity, that you would need to be there a good while early to get a good seat, and that there was a couple showings each night in order to offset the fact that there was a limited capacity. But when I consulted with my trusty times guide again, it now tells me that there is one, and only one, showing of Fantasmic that night, and that it takes place at 8:30 (meaning everyone in the park will try to get in for that one time), and that seating starts two hours prior to show start.

    Well... seeing as it was already past 4:30 by now, and there was still much else to be done, I wasn't about to go spend 2 of the 4 remaining hours at MGM standing in a line. So, with much reluctance, I crossed Fantasmic off the to-do list. And for this setback, yes, I do point fingers at Disney. How can you offer a park of that size a single show where only a fraction of the guests have a shot at getting in? It's as if they expect most of the guests to just skip the show. Maybe it's just me, but I've ALWAYS concluded my Disney Days with pne of their evening spectaculars. This was going to be a sad first for me, missing this one this time.

    But of course, being that I made this choice out of my own free will (true... I COULD have gone and stood in line for 2 hours if I REALLY wanted to), I guess there still isn't a whole lot I can say to Disney. But what happened at the end of my evening just topped it all off... I was turned away from an attraction!

    Yep, you heard me. With evening falling fast, and time running out, two more things remained on the to-do list, Walt Disney: One Man's Dream, and Muppet Vision 3D. We ran through WD:OM'sD in a bit of a rush, but came out with plenty of time to spare. The time was 8:15, 15 minutes til closing. That's enough time to get to the Muppets, right? We cross the park to MV3D, hop in the line, get up to the door, and the CM asks me "Do you have a bracelet?" It was an extra magic hours day, and I guess after closing (8:30 on this night) you need a bracelet to get on rides. That's cool... I'm fine with that. I understand the deal. But what I didn't understand was why i was being turned away at 8:21. What happened to my last 9 minutes? Where did they go? Why wasnt I being allowed to see attractions that my pass says I'm good for until 8:30 that night? I didn't argue with the CM. I apologized for not knowing (why did I apologize?... I don't know. I'm too nice sometimes), thanked him for informing me (again, I don't know why), and turned away, severely disappointed.

    8:30 came and went, and as my party lingered around in the front part of the park, I could hear Fantasmic going off in the distance, knowing I could not be a part of it. I watched people in wristbands running off to go hop on another ride, knowing my ticket wasn't good for rides anymore. All I was allowed to do was meander through stores and be tempted to spend more money on Disney after all this... and believe me, I almost did. But the more I listened to the sounds of the distant show, and the more I watched wrist-banded guests play, the more the end of the day rubbed me the wrong way. Yeah, I guess that last rejection at MV3D was the straw that broke this camel's back this night, and I guess I really was bitter by this point, but I think everyone in my party agreed with me. Even though some (if not most) of what we missed out on yesterday was due to our own ignorance or lack of prior understanding, some of it just plain wasn't fair.

    What I think can or should be done about this...
    1) Attraction pre-shows and street-side acts can often be just as much a reason to attend the parks as the main attractions. What's wrong with letting your guests know who or what will be performing on which days and when? Perhaps if I had known that Four for a Dollar did not perform on Sundays, we could have attended MV3D in place of B&tB.
    2) Part of the "magic" of a day at Disney is the culmination of that magic in a fantastic display of colorful evening pageantry. What is a day at Disney without fireworks and such? Each Disney park (DAK can be excused for the sake of the animals) should offer a nighttime extravaganza that is open to ALL of its guests, not just the ones that have 2 hours to waste waiting around for the sun to set.
    3) And here's a novel idea... how about you let your guests with passes good until closing actually visit attractions UNTIL CLOSING, and not 10 minutes before? But I don't know... it could be just a silly little idea I had.

    So there it is, Ladies and Gentlemen. This is the first and only time I can EVER remember leaving a Disney park unhappy. There was no Disney Magic for me that evening, only the harsh reality that mistakes and poor decisions can be made by everyone. And yes, I feel that someone needs to know about it. Myself and the two others in my part yeterday all decided we wanted to inform someone at Disney of the day's events and at least let our opinions be heard. How can I make sure this message falls on open ears? If anyone knows who I can write to about this, please let me know.

    Thanks so much, from a slightly disappointed Disney fan.
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    You should be able to write to

    Walt Disney World Resort Guest Communications
    Executive Offices
    Post Office Box 10040
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

    or email

    In the future, stopping by Guest Relations or asking to speak with a supervisor might be able to obtain more immediate response, but the above addresses should do the trick for you.

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    with hundreds, if not, thousands of lawsuits and potential cases they deal with, I'd be suprised if they even said sorry. My bet would be to keep the letters principles, but edit it big time. And be mean about it too. If you feel you've been done wrong don't say, "Well maybe it was my fault"... say, "Hey! I"m the customer and I'm right"! You wern't satisfied with your purchase... shoot I'd demand my admission back or however you can work it depending on what ticket you have. Point is they will have to listen, if you're loud enough. Good luck with all that and I'd be mad too if I saw 12 closing (only time to go) for MK on the net and got there only to see it was false, real mad.

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    You can write them and let them know you're upset, but don't expect anything more than an apology... Disney does NOT give money back at all... you should still write the letter though to make it known that you weren't happy... if everyone wrote letters, things would certainly change... i haven't had a bad experience there yet, but if I ever do, I'll be writing the first draft of my complaint letter on the plane ride home...

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