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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Disney really working hard in 2010? in the Vacation Planning forums; It may be me, but it seems Disney has really stepped it up with the in park refurbishments, announcements, etc. It seems Disney is looking at those places in the ...
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    Disney really working hard in 2010?

    It may be me, but it seems Disney has really stepped it up with the in park refurbishments, announcements, etc. It seems Disney is looking at those places in the parks that may not be getting that much popularity or that place that has been going downhill and really trying to fix those. I don't know, it just seems Disney is getting really active and doing alot of things for next year. Am I crazy?

    Disney has released more information on exactly what the new year will bring to the Vacation Kingdom of the world, here are some highlights for 2010:
    Disney has confirmed the Muppet pre-parade for 2010, stating that it will begin January 8:
    Disney’s Honorary VoluntEARS Cavalcade (beginning Jan. – Each afternoon just before the daily parade at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom (and at Disneyland Park in California), Muppets characters and parade dancers will join special floats and vehicles celebrating volunteerism and presenting Honorary VoluntEARS serving as Grand Marshals of the parades. Kermit, Miss Piggy and Sweetums will be part of the merriment, while the dancers will be donning outfits that celebrate the work of volunteers.
    Work on the Fantasyland Expansion at the Magic Kingdom will begin in 2010. We have also heard that The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction will go down for refurbishment in early 2010 to change it’s facade and a few other items, the Walt Disney World Railroad will close for 2-3 months in 2010 to make way for groundbreaking backstage, and Mickey’s Toontown Fair will most likely close permanently in the Fall. Information released today:
    Fantasyland expansion – An early-2010 groundbreaking will mark the beginning of a three-year construction project that will result in a vastly expanded Magic Kingdom Fantasyland.
    Wide World of Sports will finally get it’s name change:
    ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex relaunch (February 2010) – A re-imagining project involving ESPN and the Disney sports complex, the leading multi-sport venue in the nation, aims to create immersive and entertaining sports experiences for athletes, coaches and fans by incorporating signature elements of ESPN in ways that will connect athletes and coaches with their favorite ESPN programs, personalities and elements. Guests will discover a new welcome center, a digital center where video captured by 44 cameras across the 220-acre sports campus is edited for display on 40 video screens and two “jumbotrons” throughout the complex as part of a veritable “Wide World of SportsCenter,” and the new ESPN Wide World of Sports Grill. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, technical staff will continue work in the Innovation Lab to develop ground-breaking ESPN on-air products – using the action throughout the complex as a real-world testing environment.
    Beyond the press releases from today, there are a number of interesting attraction refurbishments already announced for 2010. Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom is rumored to receive lap bars for each log during it’s 1/3-2/27/10 refurbishment, Epcot’s Test Track is closed 1/11-1/17/10 and Living with the Land is closed 1/18-2/5/10 (both for unknown reasons), and the latest surprise has been the announcement that both the Studio Backlot Tour and the Studio Catering Co. at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be closed for refurbishment from 2/15-3/28/10. Stay tuned for more details on all of these refurbishments as they become available.
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    Re: Disney really working hard in 2010?

    my opinion,
    if fantasyland is expanded by adding this fairyland/pixey village,as I have seen in some concept drawings,That will be one of the most wasted expansion of WDW land that has ever been,in the history of WDW!
    Toontown can go,it has out-lived its welcome,but expand the place with something new,as in some type of new rides of some sort.This walk-through stuff for the small kiddies is getting old.We adults like to go to WDW too,but we want a little bit more thrills from attractions not just a,"well that was nice",but I won't do it again stuff.
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    Re: Disney really working hard in 2010?

    I'm excited to see all the planned upgrades and changes.

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    Re: Disney really working hard in 2010?

    I actually must say that I am rather sad that Toontown is going. I always liked it there, and I guess I never really appreciated it. I definitely want to get a trip in before they remove it, just for old time's sake. I hate change, what can I say? I was born when it was still Starland, but it has always been there, so seeing it leave will be dissapointing. And I agree, if they really are going to fill up a lot of the Fantasyland expansion with the Pixie Hollow thing, than that majorly bites. Tinkerbell gets enough praise as is. And I just have never been a big fan of hers.

    On another note, I doubt any of refurbs for Living with Land, Test Track, or any of those with small refurb dates will have anything besides clean-up and yearly maintenance done. It will be interesting to see if they actually add lap bars to Splash Mountain or not, because I have heard that rumor for a while. And I guess I have no feelings about WWOS changing its names. I've never been there and honestly, it's not something I care to do. I hate sports. Maybe I will check it out just to say I have done it though
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    Re: Disney really working hard in 2010?

    I am VERY VERY happy with all the refurbs lately.
    Our last visit was Aug 2008.
    Our next is May of 2011, im very much looking forward to it!!

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