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WDW Theme Parks Discuss WDW blues? in the Vacation Planning forums; The way I get through it is watching the videos online and listening to Lou's podcast and planning for the next trip down. Watching the videos and looking at pictures ...
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    Re: WDW blues?

    The way I get through it is watching the videos online and listening to Lou's podcast and planning for the next trip down. Watching the videos and looking at pictures gives me a chance to see things that I want to see and see it through other people's eyes.

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    Re: WDW blues?

    Quote Originally Posted by JNota0005DakMC View Post
    yeh you have the same problem i have it seems... its called i can only go to WDW in the summer or when schools are out...
    When I was down there in November for my cousin's was rough being there from only late friday night to sunday afternoon and no parks. My parents and sister were there for a week (teachers convention in NJ). My facebook status from the night before (Thursday night around 8pm) I left was "I'm stuck in the library studying for a Philosophy test...and the rest of my family just left the Magic Kingdom...this is unfortunate." Granted, I was down there for a week in the summer without them...but you get the point. Schools messes everything up (especially when you're in college). A couple friends back home want to go together at the end of May (having some problems putting down the logistics, not sure if this will happen). And I also want to go to my cousin's house in July as I did last summer, but for like 10 days as opposed to a week this time.

    Wow...I just realized how much I wrote, but the point I'm trying to's tough only being able to go certain times, especially when those times are peak seasons in Disney World. My family keep bragging about how not-so crowded the parks were and short lines in early November...the only incentive (besides Downtown which I got to go to) was that I got to stay in the Contemporary (and Mickey and Minnie were at the wedding reception which was awesome (in the Contemporary))
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    Re: WDW blues?

    I have this feeling really, really, REALLY bad right now. I haven't been to WDW since March of 2009, I was down there 2 years ago this week and today it's been exactly 2 years since I got to go to my favorite park, Epcot. I went in 2007, 2009, and was hoping again in 2011, but it doesn't look like it since my dad who always supplied our trip through his job (he got accommoations, transportation etc so all we really had to pay for were our tickets and meals out) wasn't able to go this spring. I have no idea if or when I'll ever be able to go back it's not so bad when you kind of have an idea about when you'll be able to go back.

    I have the blues so bad for WDW...the Hilton...Hotel Plaza Blvd and the ride to WDW....the restaurants...looking out and seeing Downtown Disney....sigh all I have to cling to are my pictures from my last trip, which I have a ton of, the internet, and my memory. I have the money to get in, just no real way for a vacation right now. Sometimes I feel like I'll never get to go again, but I know I will, somehow.
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    Re: WDW blues?

    I'm almost ashamed to put myself in the same category, as my last trip was under a year ago, but with that being my first trip since I was a kid I now have the strong desire for my wife and I to take our sons to WDW every year for as long as we can.

    To get through the tough days, I suggest you check out the 'Virtual Web Cam' over at WDW Live (link). Its not live, but it fills in the gab between the trips. It changes throughout the day as they have multiple recordings, so you can almost fool yourself into thinking it is live. They also have a collection of videos, some in HD, that you can view.

    Nothing is as good as the real think, but between Lou's podcasts, videos, and other random things like WDW Live I get through each week!
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    Re: WDW blues?

    I have been filming on DV at the parks for the last seven years; I always find it the best "cure" for this "illness". Source audio is always great, but it is a bit sterile. Watching your own videos (or listening to live recordings) of attractions, by their very nature, do a far better job of making you feel "there".

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