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    Animal Kingdom Visit (Fab-2010)?

    Next month (Fab-2010) Iím going to Animal Kingdom Safari (Disney) and I have just wonder about how much it costs to do? I can't find it on the Disney site??

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    Re: Animal Kingdom Visit (Fab-2010)?

    I don't know what that tour costs -- are you booking yourself? Or w/a TA (Travel Agent)? If you are using a TA they could get the $$ for you.

    Keep in mind many of the tours offer AAA or Visa Disney Card discounts. We saved something like 10% on our segway tour last year w/the AAA discount.

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    Re: Animal Kingdom Visit (Fab-2010)?

    Which Safari are you referring to? The Backstage Safari Tour? That one runs $70/person last I knew, before discounts. And it does not include park admission (you have to have a valid ticket to get in).

    Disney does not list tour costs on the web page. You have to call for current rates and availability.

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