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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Who's favorite park is Disney's Animal Kingdom in the Vacation Planning forums; My favorite park is Epcot. I love Animal Kingdom though but I think it's the least popular. I theorize that this is because of how young it is. I mean ...
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    Thumbs up Who's favorite park is Disney's Animal Kingdom

    My favorite park is Epcot. I love Animal Kingdom though but I think it's the least popular. I theorize that this is because of how young it is. I mean that people may not have as much nostalgia for it as other parks. It could also be because it closes so early.

    Or do people think that there's not that much to do there.
    The point of this thread is that I want to hear stories from people who claim Animal Kingdom as their favorite Orlando park. I know that you're out there and I think it'd be interesting to hear from you.

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    Re: Who's favorite park is Disney's Animal Kingdom

    It's not my favorite park, but I'll take AK over the Studios any day of the week. Sometimes I find it more relaxing and scenic than MK, too. The trees and shade alone make it a wonderful place to visit, along with the foliage and flora. Still, it's way too spread out for the little bit that's there. But then, they were always planning on doing so much more with that park but the plans fell through.
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    Re: Who's favorite park is Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Animal Kingdom is my favorite park! I love the theming, the foliage, the secret pathways,the music, the Tree of Life, I just love the whole place! Ever since I heard Joe Rhode tell the story of how Animal Kingdom came to be, I really appreciate the park so much, and it is my favorite!

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    Re: Who's favorite park is Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Very hard for me to decide what is my favorite, but if I had to pick it would be MK probably because of the nostalga. My Wife's favorite park is Animal Kingdom however by far. It is probably the best themed park out of the four.

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    Re: Who's favorite park is Disney's Animal Kingdom

    It is really hard to pick which one is favorite but as my favorite parks list “Epcot” has top position. It has great magnetisms. We had great fun and do not miss there rides in every visit, Soarin, and the Mars ride are outstanding. We also loved the World Showcase too.

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    Re: Who's favorite park is Disney's Animal Kingdom

    The Animal Kingdom is our family's favorite park. Since they opened it, we've made it our first park to visit every time.

    There is so much to do there, but most people don't "get it." That's fine with us, because then it can be less crowded. But some people just don't know what all there is, so here's a few tips from me.

    Everyone knows about Everest, Kali Rapids, the Nemo and Lion King shows, and Dinosaur. But here are a few other tips to enjoy the AK:

    - To truly enjoy it, all you have to do is slow down. So many people just RUN when they arrive to get a FP for Everest or Dinosaur. Slow down and enjoy.
    - The Oasis at the front of the park usually has CM's with animals at the park opening. Each CM can tell you amazing things about the animal they are showing.
    - Absolutely, the hidden trails around the Tree of Life are great. Some even have live animals that most people never see. And the craftwork on the animals carved into the tree is amazing.
    - Find the hidden Mickey's in the Nocturnal Room at Pizzafari.
    - Find the hidden Jaffar on the Pangani Forest Trail. That one's tough, but it is almost as big as a house! Ask a CM to help you find it (if it isn't overgrown with vines).
    - The bird section in the Maharajah Jungle Trek is one that most people run through, but it is considered a very good aviary. And if you stop and take your time, you'll be amazed at what you see that others don't.
    - Flights of Wonder is a great show that many people skip. Definitely worthwhile.
    - Best parade in Disney is the Jammin' Jungle Parade.
    - Chester & Hester's store in Dinoland. Lots of fun stuff in there, including some unique Disney gifts that can't be found anywhere else.
    - Have a specially-made "Safari Amber" beer at the Dawa bar in Harambe.
    - DiVine hangs out between Asia and Africa.
    - Live music with the Tam Tam Congo or the Village Beatniks.
    - Early morning veterinarian procedures at Rafiki's Planet Watch.
    - Dining area on the water at Flame Tree BBQ is a great place to relax and enjoy the view.
    - Get to FotLK early and get chosen to be part of the show. I was chosen to lead the Warthog section once. Totally embarrassing, but certainly memorable!

    Surprising dining choices in the AK, too:

    Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery Kiosk in Harambe has delicions turnovers, cinnamon rolls, cookies and bagels for breakfast.
    has breakfast platters (eggs, hashbrowns, biscuit), breakfast pizza and biscuits and gravy. For lunch they have a a very good chicken caesar salad.
    Tamu Tamu (also in Harambe) has Ham, Egg, & Cheese bagel sandwiches, along with French Toast Sticks for breakfast, and great lunch sandwiches that include turkey & swiss on focaccia and a tuna salad pita that is wonderful.
    Flame Tree BBQ is the most unique counter service in all of Disney. The ribs are outstanding, but so is the BBQ chicken salad.
    The Mandarin chicken salad at Restaurantosaurus is very unique, and the carrot cake there is fantastic.

    The AK also has the same carts that all of the other parks have with popcorn, Mickey ice cream, fruit, egg rolls, turkey legs, pretzels, corndogs, etc.

    - And my best piece of advice is this... go on the Safari twice. Once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. It is a totally different experience every time.

    Enjoy the AK! Our family's favorite park.
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    Re: Who's favorite park is Disney's Animal Kingdom

    What a great response. Thanks for sharing all of that. You've got some really good points. I love wandering around the tree of life area and seeing the carvings and the animals without the crowds too.

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