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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Epcot Imagination Pavillion in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by JNota0005DakMC if that were the case then things like Pan's flight, and Space Mountain might never have been built... Or, using the "needs replaced" mentality, Peter Pan ...
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    Re: Epcot Imagination Pavillion

    Quote Originally Posted by JNota0005DakMC View Post
    if that were the case then things like Pan's flight, and Space Mountain might never have been built...
    Or, using the "needs replaced" mentality, Peter Pan might have been replaced with The Emperor's New Groove ride-through, and Space Mountain replaced with an Alice in Wonderland 3D coaster.

    Some classics need to remain. Some do need refurbishment, but not changed.

    That said, the Imagination Pavilion was never a "classic." And now it is way behind the times. With the advent of sensory experiences (Soarin'), and now 3D HD live television, the HiSTA film just feels too dated.
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    Re: Epcot Imagination Pavillion

    i am completely in agreement with keeping the classics...

    but... HISTA can never, and will never be considered a "classic" attraction... especially now that EO is replacing it for the time being...

    but the original Journey might have been a classic by now... if it was not messed with...
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    Re: Epcot Imagination Pavillion

    My family and I are all WDW veterans. Recently, I have been able to get to the parks more frequently than they have. A few months ago, we were all able to go together, and I decided to take them on Journey into Your Imagination, since they hadn't been on this latest iteration.

    After the ride, I almost felt bad for doing so. Even though Figment was back, it just felt like a let down compared to the first (and by far, best) version of the ride. Something needs to be done!

    Granted, Captain EO is back for an indefinite amount of time, but there needs to be something in there to attract some attention back to the main pavilion. Re-imagine the ride, and for goodness sake, restore Image Works to its past glory!!! There was not much cooler than the Rainbow Tunnel and the gi-normous pin tables!
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    Re: Epcot Imagination Pavillion

    I will be completely honest. I only go on Imagination just for the nostalgia of seeing Figment. Figment is EPCOTS mascot so getting rid of him is a bad idea I think. The ride is terrible though. Nothing like what it use to be and if I never knew Figment then I would never care to go on the ride. As far as HISTA, I hope it is finally over and we will see a new video replace it once EO is over.

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