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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Wonders of Life in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by JNota0005DakMC you know... part of WoL's problem was it dated itself... Body Wars- it seemed dated long before even Star Tours... and ST kept its appeal only ...
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    Re: Wonders of Life

    Quote Originally Posted by JNota0005DakMC View Post
    you know... part of WoL's problem was it dated itself...

    Body Wars- it seemed dated long before even Star Tours... and ST kept its appeal only because it was based off of Star Wars... if it wasnt... people would have really stopped going on it many years ago...

    The Making of Me- was this ever popular...? it never seemed that way to me...

    Cranium Command- to me this is the classic example of dating yourself... Hanz and Franz... so 80's... George Wendt- same thing... the actors in this presentation helped make this show seem dated virtually when it opened...

    i think you may see WoL open as WoL... but it would need a complete re-imagineering... the pavilion has great appeal as well as it always fit in Future World... it just always seemed like it was outdated...
    You make a good point. IMO, Wonders of Life was dated in 1995. It needed updating in the mid-90s, and they still even had a sponsor...what was holding them back? I wonder if Metlife ended their sponsorship because Disney didn't do anything to try to update WoL?
    Once again, I think they wanted it to die.

    Traffic was so low to the place because it wasn't worth visiting. Disney did nothing to try to keep it interesting or innovative/updated, even when it had a sponsor!! Be they good or bad, just about everything got more updates than this pavilion. The whole appearance was dated and needed new paint inside when it was 5 years old, those colors screamed 1980s. I still don't think the "no sponsor" excuse works with Wonders of Life. That hasn't stopped The Land, Energy, or The Seas. The lack of quality attractions and location killed it. If there had been decent drawing attractions in 2001, people would have found it, and location wouldn't have been an issue. I never thought of how they had the sponsorship money coming in but never used it to better the pavilion in the 1990s.

    I know The Making of Me has been replaced...they use that theater for a film about wine. I always thought that was a stupid show.
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    Re: Wonders of Life

    it was... i think it needs a major E-ticket thrill ride... that would allow traffic back there again...!
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