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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Where Did My Rocking Chair Go? in the Vacation Planning forums; On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, on a coolish afternoon preceding our evening at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, my daughter and I made our way to ...
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    Cool Where Did My Rocking Chair Go?

    On our recent trip to Walt Disney World, on a coolish afternoon preceding our evening at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, my daughter and I made our way to Tom Sawyer Island, took the path to the right and headed straight for Aunt Pollys to enjoy a few relaxing moments on one of the rocking chairs that sit (or sat) on porch. To my dismay, the rocking chairs were inexcusably gone. I was rather disappointed indeed.

    We sat for a brief moment on the steal patio table chairs, but that was by no means the Rocking Chair moment I've come to love over the years.

    "Oh Well" I thought, there's still Exposition Hall on the way out tonight, my second most favorite Rocking Chair spot of Walt Disney World. I love sitting there at the end of the day, watching the crowd wander out. But alas, those rocking chairs were gone too!! Perhaps as a result of the construction there, but still GONE.

    I did eventually find a rocking chair on the porch of the shop near Haunted Mansion. And while that can be a good spot too, for me it pales in comparison to my former favorite spots.

    To top off the disappointment of discovering my favorite relaxation spot had been dismantled, as we boarded the boat to escape Tom Sawyer Island, I asked what had become of the Rocking Chairs. The response left me less than satisfied, "Hmmm, I don't know, they must have moved them".

    Here's to hoping the Rocking Chairs return. I mean, a quiet location, a comfy rocking chair, a river, a riverboat, the streets of FrontierLand across the river, close enough to watch, but far enough to be momentarily apart from the madness. There was no better spot.
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    Re: Where Did My Rocking Chair Go?

    Your experience seems all to familiar to me. It seems on each trip to the Magic Kingdom, almost without fail, I learn of a new extinction or change that makes my visit a little less special.
    These small touches add up and one day it may get to the point when I'll prefer my memories of WDW to the real thing. I hope management wises up and realize that the sum of these little details are what makes (or used to make) their theme parks so special to many of us. They need to stop messing with things for no good reason.

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    Re: Where Did My Rocking Chair Go?

    If it wasn't broken, why did they fix it?
    there's nothing to get hung about

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    Re: Where Did My Rocking Chair Go?

    Hard to believe they would remove the chairs. Could there have been too much upkeep required on them? Are they some sort of hazard? Even Cracker Barrel still has their rockers so I would not think it was for safety.

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