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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Fondest Toontown memories in the Vacation Planning forums; I only got to go into them once, sadly....
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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    I only got to go into them once, sadly.
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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    I will miss Mickey and Minnie's homes so much. I loved going through them and looking at all of the little details and items that made them just like 'our homes', like Mickey's baby picture with him lying naked on a bear skin rug, Mickey's 'little kid' photos in his Scout uniform and on Santa's lap, and his portrait of his Mother! It was just so much fun actually walking through their homes and seeing their clothes and belongings. They even had laundry out back hanging on the line and home decorations for different holidays; it was very creative. I'm really going to miss that an awful lot.
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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    Id have to say, back when the Resue rangers n Darkwing Duck were in the show back in toontown when i was like 7 or 8 n seein them live in person was my favorite memory.

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