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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Fondest Toontown memories in the Vacation Planning forums; Now that Mickey's Toontown Fair is gone for good, what are some of your memories from Toontown? I know that many people aren't all that bent over Toontown going away, ...
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    Fondest Toontown memories

    Now that Mickey's Toontown Fair is gone for good, what are some of your memories from Toontown? I know that many people aren't all that bent over Toontown going away, but I thought I would start a thread so people could just share some memories from the area or just something from Toontown that you will miss. Toontown is now gone, so it's time to reminisce!

    I personally have 2:
    -One is always waiting in the judge's tent, where at the end of the line you got to meet and take pictures with Mickey
    -Taking my sister on the Barnstormer. My sister is Autistic, but she loves to go on roller coasters. When she was younger, I would always take her on the Barnstormer, and now she has worked her way up to the big-time attractions such as RnRC, Test Track, Everest, etc....but she still always enjoyed the Barnstormer

    What are yours?
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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    My fondest memories of Toontown is touring the area for the first time in 2001, Trick or treating in the area in 2003 and riding barnstromer with my brother in 2010.
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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    Watching my son holding his little sister by the hand taking her on her first Barnstormer ride. Gonna miss going through the houses. Not gonna miss standing in line for EVER waiting to meet one of the characters.
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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    Without a doubt, my favorite Toontown memory occurred in 1990 when my brothers children were 8 (daughter), 6 and 4 (sons). My brother and I and our parents along with my sister-in-law and the kids all drove down from Dallas for a week.

    We were in Mickey's dressing room and the kids were getting pictures and autographs with "The Mouse". When it was 4-year old Jeremy's turn he raised up his hands so Mickey Mouse could pick him up for a hug. Of course, it couldn't happen, but Jeremy was still excited when Mickey leaned down and gave him a big hug.
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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    Mine is pretty recent last year my brother's friend and my friend had been to Disney 2 or 3 times but never knew that toontown was there and so we took them back there. So a Freshmen in college, a senior in HS, a sophomore in HS, and a freshmen in HS all rode the barnstormer together.
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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    We love going through the houses but my favorite memory would have to be taking pictures of our two boys through the years next to Mickey's mailbox. It is cool to look back and see how they have grown (and makes me a little sad too; they're growing up too fast). Will definitley miss getting to take more of these photos.

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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    My kids LOVED Barnstormer, and I remember riding that thing over and over again. Didn't mind that a bit.

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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    Mine is trick or treating there a few years ago at MNSSHP - we got caught up in a candy-swiping scam with Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee which was hilarious. They roped us in to a crime spree as we ran around Toon Town jumping queues and stealing armloads of candy from the Cast Members. It was a lot of fun - but I promise we gave the candy back afterwards... well, most of it anyway!
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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    Waiting with my two year old DD and 7 months old DD to meet the characters at the big top. It was mid-July, hot as can be, and I just remember how good the AC felt as we stood in line and played, "Who's Dat" as characters slowly got revealed on the "magic mirrors" along the line.

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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    My fondest memory was when I frist went to Toontown Fair and waited in line to meet all the princesses. I tried to high 5 them but they weren't feeling it. "The Pink Ranger didn't show them that" is the response I got. lol.
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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    My first trip there (when I was four) my dad got me to kiss Mickey on the nose. It was also pretty cool meeting Ariel, and I couldn't stop talking about her for the rest of the day.
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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    When my daughter was 2, I remember going into Minnie's house with her. She turned around to us, shrugged her shoulders and said "Whe's Minnie?" in her little voice. My mother-in-law told her to call her and see if she can find her. The cutest thing was when she started calling out, "Minnie, whe yah you?" over and over. I will always remember that.

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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    My daughter and I attended a very late EEMH at the MK this past December. The boys wanted to stay in the room and relax. So, we spent a lot of time doing what she wanted (Tomorrowland Indy Speedway, Dumbo, Carrousel, etc ...) At one point, she wanted to say "Good Bye" to Toontown. It was cute.

    This was pretty late in the EEMH, so she had Mickey and Minnie's houses all to herself. In Minnie's kitchen, I think she opened every door and played with every element in there. She was having a blast! Both she and I will never forget that magical night!

    I am sad to know there isn't a Mickey or Minnie House at the MK anymore. They were fun places to explore and let the kids unwind while in the Magic Kingdom. I guess we just have to visit them at Disneyland Park in California! Have any of you been to that Toontown? It is AMAZING!!!!!
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    Fondest Toontown memories

    I would have to say visiting both Mickey and Minnie's homes. No one event stands out in particular; it was fun just walking around through all the rooms and taking notice of the interesting details that were present in each.

    I had taken plenty of pictures during the last two years so I have a little keep sake from that "land" to call my own.

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    Re: Fondest Toontown memories

    missing going through the houses
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