I'm 25 and I loved the Honey I shrunk the kids movies when I was a kid... but oh boy did I hate that show. The last time I saw it was about 8 years ago and I knew I never would ever again. I watched EO last summer for the first time and it was pretty "meh" to me, and while I didn't despise it like I did HISTA (and the pre-show! ugh!) I certainly have no interest in taking the time to see it again either. So in my opinion... the change to EO was no worse than before and its not like I miss the old show, but ohhhh boy they need to get something with some repeat value. I love the other 3D shows Disney World has and will see them on every trip, and Mickey's Philharmonic even more than once on a trip but both of these shows are/were outdated and boring.