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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Disney without Kids in the Vacation Planning forums; My parents have gone to Disney multiple times without me when I was younger. I'd stay at a family friend's house and it was fine. I wanted to go with ...
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    Re: Disney without Kids

    My parents have gone to Disney multiple times without me when I was younger. I'd stay at a family friend's house and it was fine. I wanted to go with them but I've never been angry or upset about them. I know they need time to themselves and need to enjoy time together and Disney is where they want to do that.

    I'm a tad older now and can go on my own. I do that, and it's like we've switched roles. They wish they could come when I'm going down. It's Disney and no matter who you're with, it's a special trip!
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    Re: Disney without Kids

    If more parents would go to WDW without kids, the parks might be a bit more tollerable.
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    Re: Disney without Kids

    Quote Originally Posted by grumpy of ohio View Post
    No way, no how.... It's what we had children for, to enjoy everything as a family, especially WDW.....I must say, we're empty nesters now...and still go to WDW....few trips by oursleves and sometimes we hitch up with our daughter and family.....seeing we've been there and done that....your children are only with you for a short 18 years at to college and never to must enjoy that time with way would we go to WDW and leave them...why? Aren't they part of the family....I could see if they were grown children but still, we enjoy having our children on vacation with us...even as'll have plenty of time after they are grown and gone to do ehatever you feel like without any remorse or misgivings.......sorry, but it's not in our cards to leave children home and vacation without them..
    See I don't completely agree. My kids are now young adults that I still support and they have been with us I say 99% of the time we have been in Disney and there has been lots of days, weeks and months spent down there. We went there annually for generally 2 weeks as a family unit because it is family friendly. Heck I even took them out of school and with me on a school board convention and they were able to stay at Portofino's at Universal.

    I don't subscribe to doing everything together as a family unit. Sometimes kids need to venture on their own as do their parents. My kids have traveled extensively with my sister around the country. It did not harm them to be introduced to other destinations without Mom and Dad. I am not that possessive to not allow them to have wings. They flew without adults from the time they were six. Yes, we paid dearly so they were tracked by the airlines and they always made it safe and sound. It builds confidence.

    They were not harmed when we went to Disney without them. They love their Grandparents and their one on one time with them especially back when they were younger and still have a strong bond with them. I believe because we did not smother our kids or guilt them into always being with us or us, they are very secure young adults. They both did well when they went off to college and adjusted well. If they can't ever be allowed to be without their parents or the parents without them then you have a co-dependant unit.

    My job as a Mom was to raise intelligent, educated, well adjusted humans.
    I've done that even with the rare occasion of vacationing without them.
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    Re: Disney without Kids

    I am sure we will be forgiven, especially when they find out about the Disney Cruise we are taking in November.

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