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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Haunting Ghosts? in the Vacation Planning forums; During my visit in December, my brother and I were in line for HM. While in the queue right next to the graveyard right before we were to enter the ...
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    Haunting Ghosts?

    During my visit in December, my brother and I were in line for HM. While in the queue right next to the graveyard right before we were to enter the door, I saw a dark clothed figure dash through the graveyard! My brother saw it also, and so did the lady next to us!

    Cast member trick? Or one of the 999 haunting ghosts?? hmm..

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    Re: Haunting Ghosts?

    I'm going to assume it was a cast member playing games...remember, no one dies on Disney Property

    I'm sure Walt checks in on more than the Haunted Mansion :-)
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    Re: Haunting Ghosts?

    Could be.

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    Re: Haunting Ghosts?

    Spooky Ghost Story Time.

    About 15 years ago I was staying on property with my cousin, mom and aunt. My cousin and I were sharing a room. One morning, around 5 am, I woke up to roll over and in my half asleep state I could have sworn that I saw to people in white bathrobes, with white towels over their arms, heading out the door (like they were on their way to the pool). The figures moved forward and then faded away. Very strange. Did anybody drown in a pool there?

    Deja Vu All Over Again (another weird story).

    When I was younger I had a dream that Goofy was hanging over me with his hand stretched out to me. A few years later I was working at the Disney Store, and while I was talking to my manager I had a weird case of deja vu. When I looked up, I saw a Horace Horsecollar (who looks sort of like a horse version of Goofy) decoration figure hanging over me with his hand stretched out. [insert spooky music here]

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