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WDW Theme Parks Discuss New Fastpass Bad Experience in the Vacation Planning forums; The best thing Disney could do pertainging the fastpasses, is throw them all in the incinerators and burn them up!That includes the stupid kiosk machines that the fastpasses come out ...
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    Re: New Fastpass Bad Experience

    The best thing Disney could do pertainging the fastpasses, is throw them all in the incinerators and burn them up!That includes the stupid kiosk machines that the fastpasses come out of and all fastpass signs and markers.Do away with this trouble-causing monstracity that has wreeked havoc on many unsuspecting guests!Turn all lines back into normal lines and take down the standby signs as well.Two lines in,to the boarding stations and they both move at the same speed,and no breakers!Or should we go back to "E" tickets? HUH?
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    Re: New Fastpass Bad Experience

    I had always been a fan of Fastpass, mind you that I always followed the rules with them as well, but with all the headaches that it is causing CMs and the rule-following guests I'm ready for them to be done with completely. The only Fastpass that should be kept is the World of Color Fastpass in DCA, but that's because it's out of necessity.
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    Re: New Fastpass Bad Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by prickle View Post
    I just returned from Epcot and have a fast pass experience to share. We fast passed Soarin at 11a.m. and recieved a time of 7:15 p.m. We got to Soarin and the fastpass line time read 7:20. I went to the front of the line and the poor young female cast member was being yelled at because they couldn't get in before their fast pass stated time. I showed her my pass and was let through. Then the crowd turned on me and started calling me names because I went in and they had been in line. Sorry! My pass time is here!!!
    The poor CM, they were inches from her face.
    That is awful. Feel badly for you and for the CM. And a no win for the CM. And likely a few minutes after the whole ordeal was over some other guest was wondering why the CM at Soar'n wasn't in a magical mode. It amazing what a few guest can do to spoil the mood for guests and CM's.
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    Re: New Fastpass Bad Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by kahaen View Post
    We were at WDW last week, to experience the new Fastpass enforcement. We had one very unpleasant experience, when trying to use one a little late. Due to heavier crowds, and a different wait, we were 45 minutes late to Everest. I knew about the new enforcement, from social media, but there really wasn't much said or posted at the parks. So I thought I would try it and see what happened. Wow, didn't expect the outcome that happened. The cast member demanded to know why I was late. Not nicely asking, very demanding and demeaning. I was shocked and said nothing. She repeatedly demanded to know why I was late. It was awful. I expected a "sorry this is expired" at the very most. Not what I got. There was a manager nearby, so I talked to him and said this was very unlike Disney. He said they want to know why people are late, so they want an answer. I explained that her tone was not really questioning, and it was very uncomfortable. He never once said anything that remotely sounded like any kind of apology for her actions. Anyone else have experiences with this new enforcement, which really is not very well publicized by Disney?
    i ,like others think that it was very well known about the for the questioning.. i dont see anything wrong with it. dont be late to use a fast pass and no worries.
    i think alot of folks need thicker skin.

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