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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Animal Kingdom question in the Vacation Planning forums; I'll be in WDW later this year, and may have some limited time in AK. My question is this: If you only had time to do Paganini Forest Exploration Trail ...
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    Question Animal Kingdom question

    I'll be in WDW later this year, and may have some limited time in AK. My question is this:

    If you only had time to do Paganini Forest Exploration Trail or Maharaj Jungle Trek, which one would you do and why would you pick one over the other?

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    Re: Animal Kingdom question

    I'm not sure I've ever been able to distinguish, actually.
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    Re: Animal Kingdom question

    I would have to pick Pangani. I think that htey animals that they have there are more active than the ones at the Maharaja. It'd best to do either early in the day when they are most active and it's still cool. More times than not, I have seen the lowland gorillas very active. The Tigers on the jungle trek are stunning, but they are very lazy most of the time.

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    Re: Animal Kingdom question

    I would do Maharaj to see the tigers.

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    Re: Animal Kingdom question

    I think it all depends on the preference of animals. I prefer the Maharajah Jungle Trek more because I love watching the Tapirs. They are such unusual creatures! But, if you prefer Gorillas over Tigers, then I would choose the Pangani Forest Trail.

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    Re: Animal Kingdom question

    I like the Maharajah just a tiny bit better. I like the big bats, the bird area and the tigers. I do like the gorillas, but I think Maharaja is just a tiny bit better.
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    Re: Animal Kingdom question

    Both are a wonderful way to spend a day. The Maharajah Jungle Trek is self-guided, and includes stops to see the Tigers, the Bats, and the Bird Sanctuary. Very peaceful. The Pangani Forest Trail has more exhibits, some interactive. The Gorilla area is beautiful, and there is a "hidden Jafar" for you to find. We like both and make sure that we do both on every trip... but usually not on the same day. The AK is our favorite park, and we spend several 1/2 days there every trip.
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    Re: Animal Kingdom question

    Corrr - that's a tricky one. But think I would go for Pangani - loving the Gorillas.


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