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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Family of the Day.... in the Vacation Planning forums; they still do this? And any tips on being picked... Thanks...
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    Family of the Day.... they still do this? And any tips on being picked...


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    Re: Family of the Day....

    Last time i checked yes they still do this. From what I have seen they say to arrive around an hour before the park opens and I believe they say stay closer to the right side of entrance area where you are waiting. They say it helps to have matching shirts or something that makes you stand out from everyone else. After that it comes down to just being lucky I believe.

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    Re: Family of the Day....

    I'm ruled out as soon as you get to the 'matching shirts' bit. Won't be happening. But yes, it's very much the luck of the draw. Too many families want to do it, and for whatever reason, people show up a full hour before the place opens anyway, even when they aren't after family of the day. Total waste of an hour when they could be sleeping. I would never show up at the mall an hour before it opens and stand around waiting.
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