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WDW Theme Parks Discuss When rides break down... in the Vacation Planning forums; I've been stuck on Spaceship Earth many times, but one of the most painful was when we got stuck going backwards. Another time, I was recording the voice over on ...
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    I've been stuck on Spaceship Earth many times, but one of the most painful was when we got stuck going backwards. Another time, I was recording the voice over on a tape (because I'm weird like that), and it was right where he was saying, " reach out to one another, to -", and then it stopped and a "Please remain in you seats" voiceover came on. I was so frustrated! If they only could get through the rest of the sentence! COMMUNICATE! That's all I wanted...


    On our last trip, Splash Mountain broke down while I was riding, and we were stuck right when Brer Bear gets caught in the rope trap. For 15 minutes, all I heard was "Everybody's Gotta Laughin' Place" and Brer Bear humming along to it. I will never listen to that song the same way again...

    Other than those two incidents, we're pretty lucky when it comes to the rides. Unlike most people I know, we've never been on Test Track when it has one of its many breakdowns, and I'm fortunate enough not to have been on IASW during a breakdown.

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    I got stuck in the Winnie the Pooh ride, SSE, HM, IASW and I think PoC too, I remember boats bumping us, not sure in which ride that was. I would *freak* if I got stuck on Splash Mountain, I am so nervous before the big drop!

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    Both times I rode HM this summer, it got stuck. One was right in front of the ballroom- this being on my first HM ride EVER, so I thought it was part of the ride so guests could enjoy the scene. We got moving after that and finished the ride smoothly. The second time, it was in the graveyard- something I would have otherwise enjoyed- had it not been for those stupid little pop-up skeletons! I was looking over the side of my Doom Buggy when suddenly this grotesque little dude pops up- 3 inches from my face! At this point, I'm knocked back into the carriage, nearly into my Dad's lap trying not to have a heart attack! I spent the rest of my merry time in the graveyard with my eyes shut or looking at the ceiling.

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    Hmm, ride breakdowns...

    I've been stuck on SSE and HM...we got stuck on the HM just as you got down the hill going backwards to the graveyard scene...we sat and watched the caretaker and the howling dog for what seemed like forever...

    I remember being stuck and having boats bump us but I don't remember what ride that was on.

    I think the ride that I've been on with the most malfunctions is: Test Track...which is one of the reasons why it is my least favorite ride at WDW. One time it kept stopping or moving too slowly and when you are supposed to be going really fast around curves and stopping suddenly it was going like 5 miles an hour...I think that ride has some serious mechanical problems...

    I've probably been stuck on other rides but I just don't remember which ones which must mean that it wasn't that bad or that long.
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    I've never been stuck on a ride and don't really want to, I'm going in 5 days time, so touch wood they won't break down!

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    things that go bump in the night!

    Well, I have been stuck on bumping each other.. stuck by where the pirate is running around and the lass is chasing him...but atleast we could sing along with the theme song.

    And, we got stuck on SE was awful... i was right next to the paperboy for about 10 minutes..."EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!" Yikes it was a nightmare! I wanted to get out of the ride car and push him down.

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    I have a pretty cool story about when I got stuck on BTMR, and it was when I was at Disneyland, so I hope no one minds me sharing it here.

    It was about 7 or 8 at night,(it was already dark), and we decided to go and use our Fastpasses we had got for BTMR earlier in the day. So we wait in line for about 5 minutes and get right on. As soon as we get to the last lift hill at the very end, we just stop suddenley. I thought maybe we just stopped and the train would start again soon. 5,10,15 minutes goes by and finally someone comes over the speaker explaining that the ride was having technical difficulties and the breaks were not working correctly and that CMs would be out to help as soon as possible. About 5 minutes later, some CMs come and tell us that we are going to have to get out of the train, and they would bring us back to the lodaing area. So everyone got out of the train, that took about 5 minutes right there, and the CMs led us down a path, which we walk on for a couple minutes. Then we acutually walked INSIDE the mountain and we got to see all the machinery for the ride, the stuff that made the whole ride function. They told us not to take pictures, so I obeyed sadly. As soon as we got back to the boarding area, the CMs gave us passes so we could re-ride later, but we never ended up using them.

    It was a pretty cool expierience, and just thought I would share with everyone!
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