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WDW Theme Parks Discuss "Paying it forward... with Fastpass" in the Vacation Planning forums; Actually we have had many people do that to us... and we have also given many people our extra fastpasses. I haven't thought of getting fastpasses just to give to ...
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    Actually we have had many people do that to us... and we have also given many people our extra fastpasses. I haven't thought of getting fastpasses just to give to someone else... good idea though!
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    Thats one great idea....../never would have thought to do that............will definately do it next time & spread a little "Disney Happiness" to others

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    i did it once at Splash. we were leaving to MGM to catch Fantasmic and so i looked around for someone to give 3 passes to. a mom was pulling her two boys away saying the line was too long maybe tomorrow so i said excuse me and held them out to her and told her she could ride it now. so great to see kiddies smile. i love disney magic...
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    I've never gone about intentionally getting a fastpass with the intent of giving it away, but I like the idea, and will probably do it from now on when I think of it. I do however gve away any fastpasses I already have that I wont be able to make use of. I have given away fastpasses to both Soarin' and Expedition Everest on my last couple of trips.
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    I tried to pay it forward with fastpasses to the Rock n Rollercoaster but no one would take them. They kept looking at us like we were nuts or Disney Undercover Fastpass Police trying to entrap them. Finally we were able to give them to a couple on their honeymoon who got 2 trips on the coaster for taking the time to talk to us.

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    We have done that too.We did it with everrest.And the family we gave them to were so excited the mother began to cry.
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    So many people are kind and considerate at Disney. I wish we could all be the same way in every other situation, at any other place. This world woul be so much better off.

    So that's it, Disney should Micke-fy the whole world!!! :-)
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    I got a FastPass for Test Track when we visited in December 02 but is was for late in the day. We had other plans - so I looked for a likely candidate to give it to. Not as easy as I thought. I didn't want to give it to an 'elderly' person, and not someone too young. A group of people? No....that would split the group up. I spotted a 19-ish year old with his parents and approached him. I must admit, he looked a bit wary of me, but he soon got the idea when I handed over the ticket. He DID look mighty happy.

    Yep. It's a good thing to do.

    Do you think any of us Trivia members have given another member the gift of FastPass unknowingly?

    Now there's a difficult thing to figure out.

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    Right after I read this thread, I was lucky enough to benfit from someone doing this! We got some fastpasses for RnRC, and ever since, I try to get FPs on the way out and give them to's cool to make someone's day!

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    We did this last weekend on Soarin'. We got on the attraction during the first ride in the morning, and then got FP's right after. When we went back through the FP line, the CM didn't take our tickets because the Stand-By wait was pretty much non-existent. We were leaving the park after our second ride to head over to MGM, so we gave them to a man behind us in line, who was amazed that people would give up FP's for Soarin'.

    Anyway, it was a great idea and it was wonderful to see the smile on his face.

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    You know, last time I was at MK, two nice ladies gave my boyfriend and I fastpasses to the Jungle Cruise. It was very sweet (wink wink if it was someone on here!!) of them to do that. I am definetly going to start copying this kind action in the future.

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    We've done that before as well and I LOVE LOVE LOVE when it happens to us. I think we rode Rockin Roller Coaster Back to back because of it.
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    We ended up riding Kali River Rapids three times back to back with the same family on our trip this past June. It was a family of four and they were from Brazil. On the last of our trips down the Chakarandi River I asked them if they had been on Expedition Everest yet to which they replied that they hadn't because all of the Fast Passes had been distributed for the day and that the stand by line was longer than they wanted to wait. Well....lucky for us and for them....we had 11 FP's for EE. SIL and her party had bailed and went back to the hotel to change out of their wet clothes before dinner and our friends had decided to hop over to Epcot (since we had all already riden EE twice that day), so we passed 4 of our passes onto this family and they were so excited and very grateful! And Jim and I were still able to ride EE another 3 times back to back (which I don't recommend ) with the FP's we had left!

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    That is the coolest idea I have heard! I am going to give it a shot when we go to WDW next week.

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    I did that twice this year!!! I gave two extra RnRC FPs to two people about my age and two extras to two (hehe) ladies for BTM. The coolest part was I walked behind them after that because I had to go back and grab something from my cousin, and the two ladies said "Wasn't that so sweet? Such a nice young lady." It's cool to see the look on someone's face when you ask if they want a FP. it's a GREAT way to make someone's day better, by a little or a lot!
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