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WDW Theme Parks Discuss "Paying it forward... with Fastpass" in the Vacation Planning forums; Unfortunately princesstammi,this thread is still alive.I get an e mail everytime someone posts on this "needs to die" thread.I read every one of the posts,but this time I had to ...
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    Re: "Paying it forward... with Fastpass"

    Unfortunately princesstammi,this thread is still alive.I get an e mail everytime someone posts on this "needs to die" thread.I read every one of the posts,but this time I had to reply.I want to mention to you,to take some time and read all of the posts in this thread.You will see that there are some absolute nuts on here about fastpasses.Most people believe in giving them away if you are not going to use it,but there are also many others that apparently,just don't believe in doing something nice for someone else.Some people are just too warped in their own brain to see the niceness in giving away unused fastpasses.But please,read all of the posts and you will see what I mean.You will will also read my previous posts where I bashed those that "just don't get it",about fastpasses.I bash.I will bash,but only when provoked enough to do it,and in this thread,I had cause and reason.99% of the time I am harmless.
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    Re: "Paying it forward... with Fastpass"

    2 weeks ago I got back from Disney World and on the last day we went to Hollywood Studios. We had 6 fastpasses for Rock N Rollercoaster. Me and my bro went on twice so we had 2 left. We decided to give the passes to 2 first-timers so they wouldnt have to wait in line for their first time.

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    Re: "Paying it forward... with Fastpass"

    A few weekends ago I attended the D23 "tweet up" at the MK. At the end of our gathering we recieved FPs to Pooh, Peter Pan, and the special re-entry passes they give you when a ride breaks down. A group of us took one ride on Pooh and PP then decided to head out for the day bc it was so blazing hot. We all pooled our leftover FPs for Pooh and PP and found a family with young childern inside Pinocho's eating and gave them our FPs. At first they looked confused but after some conversation they gladly took them. I was going to hang on to my special FPs since they were good till the end of the month but then on my way out I passed a young couple on their honeymoon and decided to give them my FPs. It's great living here bc I can always come back and I love being able to bring a smile to a vistors face.
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    Re: "Paying it forward... with Fastpass"

    I don't recall giving away fastpasses, (we always use them), but once we were leaving and still had two free meals left on our card, and my dad gave it to a nice couple who was coming in the Mara.
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    Re: "Paying it forward... with Fastpass"

    I have been the recipient of such an act for Splash Mountain the last time I went 10 years ago. My sister and I just got off the ride and someone handed two fastpasses to us. We were so excited to get to ride it twice in a row!

    I think it is a great idea! Great example of how the Disney magic doesn't just have to come from the parks and its cast members!

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    Re: "Paying it forward... with Fastpass"

    I actually just came back with my dance team. I has a kiddo that failed and couldn't go..... I had a 5 day park hopper that I gave away at the EPCOT ticket counter.

    It actually took me 3 days to give the ticket away. I don't think pople trusted me. :-(

    My kiddos also had extra meal tickets left over and handed them out to people as they were leaving the parks.
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    Re: "Paying it forward... with Fastpass"

    Wonder how much more of these acts of kindness will be able to be payed forward in the future with everything on RFID cards FP+ and magic bands. Time will tell.
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    Re: "Paying it forward... with Fastpass"

    Giving away FPs is more difficult now since they started enforcing the return times over a year ago. Before that you could at least give them away to someone who knew they could be used after the return time.

    Now at least as far as we know there won't be anything you can actually give, since it will all be in the database.

    As for giving away tickets...I think word has gotten out about not getting tickets from unauthorized sources, since you can never know if the ticket has already been used, is valid at all, has a finger scan associated with it, etc.

    Even though you were giving it away, even I'd have to look at it closely. And then I'd have to be in the market for a ticket 5 days or less at that moment (it was presumably an expiring YES or similar ticket).

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