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Poll: Favorite World Showcase Pavilion

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Favorite World Showcase Pavilion in the Vacation Planning forums; The USA because of the Liberty Singers..... LOVE THEM!!!!!...
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    The USA because of the Liberty Singers..... LOVE THEM!!!!!
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    gotta say norway is my fave, but mexico is a close 2nd(mmm, churos!) also love the shopping in japan bc they have hello kitty!

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    united kingdoom

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    I like Mexico. The ride is really cool and the restaurant too. I also liked China, Norway and Canada.

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    I chose the UK, but it's really a tie between that and Germany. I have roots in both countries, plus I love the UK for the Beatles tribute band (I'm a HUGE Beatles fan) and the great food in Germany (bratwurst and saurkraut...yummy!!!)

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    I'd have to go with United Kingdom - home to my new favorite Epcot restaurant! ('course you might ask me next week and it'll be France because of the yummy cheese platter in the bakery!) :-)
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    USA. No room for doubt. Best show, fife and Drum Corps is great, Sounds of Liberty Singers are great, the have the Sam Adams Beer tAsting there during food and wine fest, and I still get just a little teary eyes during the American Adventure.

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    Mexico all the way. I love the exterior and interior and think El Rio Del Tiempo is underrated. I hope the rumors about them adding the Three Caballeros to the ride are false. The food is only okay, but the atmosphere is the best.

    Other pavillions I love include Japan (for the food), Norway for Maelstrom, and Canada and China for excellent films. More countries need attractions! I'm also a fan of the theming in Canada too with the Butchart Gardens, waterfall, etc.



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    England - too far away!
    Mexico - the food, the drinks, the things to buy, the ride.....almost planned a honeymoon there but WDW won in the end!

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    I would have to say the Mexico pavilion. I just love the theming of the nighttime fiesta. I hate to admit it, but I really enjoy El Rio Del Tiempo as well. Don't tell anyone. LOL
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    United Kingdom all the way!
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    I pick Germany, just because on our last trip he dast members there were excelant with our kids. The waitstaff at Beirtgarden took, time with our kids to dance w/them and teach them some German. It was really nice.
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    Now that my sibs are old enough to appreciate browsing through WS, my parents finally gave into my begging to spend some more time there- a whole day, in fact. My only condition was we don't visit our "almost" Polish roots and starve at the German restraunt (just don't like that food...) I know people like to go wine/beer tasting "round the world," but I'm only 18. So we tasted candy from all over the world. Japan won! They have a whole room of candy, much of it better than anything I'd ever tasted before. Sure, I could hardly read anything, but mmm... I actually got my dad to try a piece of Botan Rice Candy while listening to the Sounds of Liberty Singers as we waited for the next American Adventure show. By the look on his face, you'd have thought I had asked him to burn the flag or something. The funny thing is, he loved it. He even went out of his way to have us swing back past Japan again and load up on more candy before we left. ^^
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    Oh Canada rocks, plus I'm half Canadian. also, one time I was there, I told a cm about my half canadian heritage & I put my Canadian flag in my hair & my american flag & walked by him & he yelled out "canada rules!" That was cool. American Adventure makes me think "I am proud to be an american". El Rio del Tiempo rocks, all the rides/shows/food

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    I would say Canada first because of Off Kilter. After that, USA, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and so on

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