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Poll: Favorite World Showcase Pavilion

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Favorite World Showcase Pavilion in the Vacation Planning forums; I love the German one. I'm a former Army brat who lived in Germany for 7 yeras. I miss the food etc...The German Pavillon helps me get a small fix....
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    I love the German one. I'm a former Army brat who lived in Germany for 7 yeras. I miss the food etc...The German Pavillon helps me get a small fix.
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    Love the UK - fish & chips, alcohol, tea & other goodies! I love all pavilions - since I could only pick one it had to be the UK. The American Pavilion is my 2nd choice. Just wish there was more at the American Pavilion.

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    The "feel" inside Mexico is so amazing! the UK is fun, too! It's so hard to pick just one.

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    morocco is fun to sit in, feels like you are there, and norway thanks to MAELSTROM!!!
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    France, I love their culture and have always dreamed of visiting, so being in the World Showcase is just great to me because I think it is the closest I will be getting for quite awhile. I've taken three years of french now and can actually speak it sort of decently...well kind of...and I've loved every minute of learning it!

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    I love Mexico. I've never been to the actual country, but I just feel like this Pavillion is the most realistic.
    I'd love to see them add some more countries soon. Greece would be a nice addition- it's so unique!
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    Mexico, the ambiance inside is great, & so is the food.
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    Love Canada- La Cellier, OffKilter, the shops, the film O Canada... I think it's very well done.
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    I like Germany's Biergarten and the merchendice little shops around the pavilion.

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    I love so many of the pavilions but Mexico has grabbed my attention from the very beginning...from the unique exterior of the pyramid to the "forever nighttime" indoor atmosphere, and the Oaxacan animales fantasticos, the mariachi band (waaaaah-haaaa!), the use of all the bright colors, and the volcano. The only thing is I preferred the Rio del Tiempo ride more than the Gran Fiesta Tour. Rio focused more on Mexican heritage and culture whereas the Gran Fiesta Tour is more about Donald Duck (don't get me wrong I love Donald but he's definitely not Mexican) I'm not an Epcot purist, so I wouldn't mind seeing a Three Caballeros "meet-n-greet" in the pavilion but the main attraction should be about the culture and heritage, the same way it is in the other pavilions. Okay, getting off my soapbox now...

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