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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Eating at Epcot in the Vacation Planning forums; Restaurant Marrakesh - I love it. Never had any issues with it later on, fwiw....
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    Restaurant Marrakesh - I love it. Never had any issues with it later on, fwiw.

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    My favorite sit down experience is eating at Japan and 2nd Canada. Quick service is definetly China then Mexico. For snacks.....CHURROS at Mexico rule. I will walk to the World Showcase just for the Churros. Dessert....I always skip desserts at the restraunts and go DIRECTLY to the Pattiserre at France.
    I have eaten everywhere in the EPCOT World Showcase but Restaurant Akershus and The Rose and Crown. How are they? How is the atmosphere and food? I keep hearing the food in Norway is bad. I am always up for going to a character dinner, even if it is just me and my fiance. I also hear the Rose and Crown is a fun place to drink and be merry, but the food is not that great. I am not highly concerned with the prices because I am a Dinning Club member and get 20% at both places.

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    (For those of you who could probably recite what I'm about to say, this isn't for you--move along, move along.......)

    Okay, now that those guys are gone, if you're into Chinese style cuisine, I can't say enough good things about Nine Dragons restaurant. Absolutely the best I've ever had, and I'd like to think that as far as Chinese chow goes, I've been around the block. Thanks to this joint, I won't eat General Tso's chicken anywhere else (it's worth drivin' a few hundred miles out of your way for).
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    Lol on the Morroco.

    Im staying well and truly clear !!! Looked at the menus and although there was food i would have tried, hubby and kids wouldnt. So i will just have to miss out on the iffy tummy the next day, (sigh) what a shame lol.


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    I liked Akershus but that was pre-Princesses! I remember a lot of fish dishes, it was nice to eat something different than we're used to.

    Coral Reef was good the time we went there for lunch but I think the menu is different now. Great atmosphere!

    Lotus Blossom In China and Yakitori in Japan were great for lunch.

    We make it a point to have an afternoon Cloudberry cone from Kringla and a feast of pastries at the Boulangerie Patisserie in France at least once during the week. It's fun to have these little traditions!

    Ok now I'm hungry...

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