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Poll: If you have used the Extra Magic Hours (AM), was it worth getting up early?

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Extra Magic Hours - Mornings? in the Vacation Planning forums; what about mgm? we will be there for emh on sat the 29th, worth it or get some extra sleep? oh and its just 2 adults not kiddos 4 day ...
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    what about mgm? we will be there for emh on sat the 29th, worth it or get some extra sleep? oh and its just 2 adults not kiddos

    4 day til wdw

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    I would use EMH anytime they are available!!! They rock!

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    how do you ind ou if the have the early hours and on which parks on which days?

    were going in july on a sun mon and tuesday to mk and mgm..
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    The extra magic hours schedule can be found on the website under "calendar." There you can find all the park hours, parade times, fireworks times, and any special events or expected attraction closures.

    Extra Magic Hours are for people staying at Disney-owned resorts only (with one or two exceptions).
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    EMH Mornings are great at the water parks. We went to Typhoon Lagoon and were able to get a great spot to dump our stuff, swim in the reef and have fun in the surf pool before the place got too crowded. We also went all round the lazy river twice without really meeting up with other people. The queues for the rides were a lot shorter too.

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    We like to use the EMH in the am. We usully go the the EMH park in the morning then leave at noon. After our afternoon break we usually go to one of the other parks, because they tend to be less crowded thatn the EMH park.
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    I never knew they had Extra Magic Hours in the morning!

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    When we do the am EMH we stay all day till the park closes.

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    I really am not a big fan of the morning hours...until this trip! We got all of Tomorrowland and Fantasyland finished that we wanted. Well, hubby wanted Dumbo but everyone else wanted to spend time in the bathroom with me...go figure!

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    We LOVED getting in early before the crowds though I must say I was a little disappointed to learn that only certain sections were open for EMH (we wanted to hit POTC before the crowds hit but adventureland wasn't open). We did go back for a break but I don't know that it was BECAUSE we used the EMH in the morning... it's a normal thing for us to do with our little one in tow.
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    I would go for EMH morning always. Beat the crowd and try to ride your faves. If you have small chidren take a break mid-day. I don't buy into that take a day and rest idea. We hit the parks hard, all day, everyday. I only go every other year or so I'll rest when I get home. But I don't have children.
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    Last year we didn't take in any of the EMH. This year if I can swing it so my DH doesn't eat a three course breakfast (kidding), maybe I'll be able to get him to go to the parks early and take a break midday.

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    Am Emh

    We are at the EMH park at rope drop, take an afternoon break, and hit the PM EMH park at night.
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    EMH in the morning is the best use of time ever. Not many people go to it, because they'd rather sleep in, compared to the PM EMH.
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    It is definitely worth it, because you get to go on rides that normally you would have to wait for if you waited for everyone to show up. We take advantage of this when making breakfast reservations also.
    Love Disney. I hope to go next spring with the whole family.

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