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WDW Theme Parks Discuss What makes us so crazy about WDW? in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by iwannabeminnie Okay, now I'm really hungry so I'm going to lunch. What can I bring you guys back? I'll take a meatloaf sandwich and a slice of ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by iwannabeminnie
    Okay, now I'm really hungry so I'm going to lunch. What can I bring you guys back?
    I'll take a meatloaf sandwich and a slice of coconut cream pie- thanks!!

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    It really lets everyone find their inner child and act like a kid again - from the dads trying to look cool to the stressed out moms.

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    We have retained a piece of our childhood innocence that many dispose of in their early teenage years. It's hard not to be a kid at WDW because of the magic. Everything so intricately themed and made to appear believable - this is what distinguishes it from any other theme park in my opinion. Another things that makes Disney so special is the focus on family. I believe that a person of any age can go to WDW and enjoy the magic. It's the magic that keeps bringing me back and making me dream of my next trip there.

    "It's all so magical!" - Jasmine
    - Jas (Rebecca)

    I got engaged at Epcot on June 17, 2007! We're going back to celebrate my graduation in May 2009!

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    As a wheelchair user for going on 6 years, I love going to WDW and seeing kids of all ages and adults, in wheelchairs similar or different than mine. There's no other wheelchair-friendly theme park like Disney World, especially where you get "special treatment" from some of the Cast Members, and characters. I've been going to Disney World for a long, long time, and I will always keep coming back every January when I can (and if my mom has enough money for me to go). I especially love staying at the All-Star resorts and taking the bus to all of the theme parks.


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    I believe I was born with the magic. My grandfather laid the rail road tracks at WDW (he was an engineer) & helped build a lot of the underground (first floor) of the Magic Kingdom. (This was before I was born, of course). So... I think I had the Disney fever in me from the get go! How lucky was I?!
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    I think what makes me keep going back is the memories.

    I have been going there regularly for 32 years, first with my parents and friends and now with my husband and children.

    I have been accused of having an amazing memory and that is never more true than when I'm at WDW. Often what I see, hear, smell will take me back to a previous visit - some from long ago.

    I enjoy remembering past trips with my parents and relating them to my kids since my parents did not live long enough to know their grandchildren. These memories help my kids to know what their grandparents were like.

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    The thing that keeps me going back to Disney is simply Freedom. Freedom to act silly,Freedom to not keep a set schedule, Freedom from hassles and worries for a week,Freedom to laugh out loud, sing off key, and scream my lungs out on the roller coasters!
    Planning our 11th trip!!!
    Week after Christmas 2007POP Century
    Loved the new Pirates movie!!

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    I used to hate theme parks up until my Dec 2003. The magic of WDW slapped me in the face so hard that fell of my butt!!! I guess that is when I caught this crazy little Disney bug that has been going around. Now I am so addicted that I know way, way too much about WDW. I have even built my own website/MSN group. Check out my link in my sig.
    See YOU at Disney World,


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    I'm like BigDaddyKyle in that I wasn't into theme parks at all, and didn't care at all for anything Disney, until my wife dragged me to WDW in '97. Wow! The magic there hit me like a ton of bricks made out of the finest pixie dust! I was hooked from the moment we went through the front gates till the night we left Orlando airport and were lucky to fly close enough to Epcot to see the Illuminations fireworks from the plane. Every moment spent in the park (and flying near it) was truly magical.

    In all my travels, I've not been to another place (except maybe home) where I felt so at ease and so at peace with myself and the universe. When I'm at WDW, all tension, all worries, all biases, all fears etc. etc. melt and give way to a childlike sense of wonder and awe. Being there is like being a kid again and discovering what life is really about for the first time.

    Getting back to the original question: I can explain what I feel when I'm at WDW. As far as the why goes; well, the adult in me believes that it's the attention to detail, the cleanliness, the CM's, the unique attractions etc. The kid in me? My inner kid seriously, honestly believes that it's magic. Magic that maybe Walt himself left in the park.
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    I know exactly why I keep going back to WDW. To annoy my family .

    Just kidding. Seriously, I keep going back because its a very nice place to visit. Even if you take the theme parks away, the resorts are amazing. If you take the time to relax(Yes, you can do that in WDW) you will find wonderful places to do so. My wife and I are lucky enough to be able to take 2 large vacations a year. We have been all over the united states and nothing compares.
    Either that or Disney puts something in the water. Has anyone tested it for that. Or subliminal messages comming out of the speakers?


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    I too have been all over the world, and nothing really makes me feel like part of the surroundings like Disney does. It's the only place I know where it is OK for a 32 year old woman to run up to a big mouse and give him a big hug. Also, I like "escapist" entertainment-books, movies, etc. And no place like Disney offers that in a vacation. I can be Peter Pan, Pooh, or visit Japan in no time flat.

    And really, we all want to hold on to a tiny piece of that kid in all of us......
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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    the thing that grabbed me and that i love is that WDW has something for everyone, and at the end of the trip everyone walks away with their own experience.

    for example, during our last trip, wife spent one afternoon at the spa, while i went to the pool side bar at Wilderness Lodge and drank beers and smoke my cigar while chatting with the bartender. two different things, yet we both had a very relaxing afternoon. that's the beautiful thing about WDW, it is everything to everyone.

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