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WDW Theme Parks Discuss The Disney touch, what makes it so magical? in the Vacation Planning forums; There are so many things that make Disney special. The biggest thing has to be the attention to detail. Did antone see any of the special about EE and the ...
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    There are so many things that make Disney special. The biggest thing has to be the attention to detail. Did antone see any of the special about EE and the research they did to create it. In one part, I don't remember the guy's name, but he has a drawing of the mountain and it matches the ride and an actual mountain seen during their research. Bring some many authentic items just to decorate the waiting area. There is no need to dress up the waiting area, but they do and it enhances the anticipation while waiting for your chance to ride. Any other park, you are standing in a line and staring at the people in front of you.

    The look on a child's face when they see their favorite character in person. The parks cleanliness. Not having the clientel regular amusement parks attract-Six Flags Great Adventure can be down right freaky at times. CMs that make you feel special. Being able to wear a hat with big mouse ears and nobody looking at you strange!

    The list can go on and on.

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    I Tivo'd a really good program that defined my obsessiveness

    "Walt, Disney, World. These three words evoke images that most people have heard of, or experienced. It's a place of fantasy, adventure, and make-believe. A place where you leave reality at the door."

    "To me, going to Disney has become a right of passage to American children. And when they get older, they will take theirs as well. It doesn't matter what's going on in the rest of the world. When you're here, you're always 10 years old."
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    I didn't have much of a childhood, but my dad and I started taking trips there just he and I and I felt like a kid. Carefree having fun. I can skip down main street and not really care if anyone looks at me. Although I'm a type A personality so I have to plan everything, but when I walk threw that turn style I forget what I had planned.

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    I think it's all the little details they pay attention to that other parks don't Universal and Six Flags are just making parks but Disney is making WORLDS! Worlds of fantasy and adventure. Worlds that we could only before see in movies and tv shows we can now walk through. there are little things in their parks that make them feel like actual places and not just parks. Little things such as the coins imbedded in Adventureland, or the canons outside of POTC. The there's the characters. They are SO LIFELIKE! They pay so much attention to everyone being in character to the point that when Mickey walks near you, you get the sensation of being near a real movie star or celebrity. I know that happened to me. I've never been to another park, but my sister says she's been to Six Flags and the characters arn't quite that good. Though they DID have a pretty good time with Bugs Bunny.

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    I'm almost done with my article it's really hard to write lol. There are lots of possibilities.
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    Walt Disney's legacy continues to inspire. He created a foundation of full creative possibility. He enjoyed asking his Imagineers, "Why not?"

    He wanted people to feel completely removed from the day-to-day world and he made sure that Disneyworld had the landspace and visual berms that Disneyland lacked. He was disappointed that people would leave Disneyland because on the rides they could see traffic on the nearby freeways.

    Disney used his film and animation director experience to create highly staged scenes. All the angles you see in Disneyworld are highly staged and well thought through from forced perspective on Main Street buildings to the sizing of plants (larger ones closer, smaller farther away) to create depth and emotion. Inside and outside of different storefonts in the parks you can hear faint sounds that further create realistic ambience.

    He also never allowed skimping on details. He would have the Imagineers add things that most guests wouldn't notice so that guests would completely "buy-in" what they were looking at. Even when things were perfect he encouraged "plussing" the attractions to take them over the top in the guest experience.

    He would frequently mingle with guests and ride attractions at Disneyland. He was know for giving one Jungle Cruise pilot a hard time for not making the trip long enough for people to fully enjoy it.

    On and on... Disney empowered creative folks (probably better than any man in modern history) with the artistic license and financial resources to make fantasy as close to reality as possible.
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    For me it's just the detail they give to every little thing. That and the pride in the park. i love how it always looks brand spakin new. I also love how they make you feel like a "guest" for being there not just like they are excited to get your money. I feel like this a lot at other theme parks.
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    It's all the little things. The CM's are so friendly and go out of their way to make sure you have a good time. Last time I was there we stayed at a Disney hotel and each day the maid would put all my cuddly toys in a different pose when she made up the room. Sometimes they were in the window, sometimes at the table and once even in the bath! It was so much fun, and we don't even have kids!

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    32 days till Disney! :mickey:

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    Smile The Disney Difference: Heart

    The Disney touch, I think, has a lot to do with the heart.
    The Imagineers love their job and care about the guests. Because of this they sometimes go to work at 3 am to get a project done. Because of this they create magical, immersive places for guests.
    Cast members care for the guests so they don polyester, brave the Florida heat and do it all with a smile. They take time for us because to them we're more than just a bunch of tourists, we're guests.
    They realize, that even if for only a little while, they have a chance to touch our lives.
    We love Walt Disney World for all the love and attention that has been put into this magical placef or us by so many thousands of people .

    "Disneyland is a work of love. We didnít go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money." ~ Walt Disney
    That to me is the Disney difference.

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