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WDW Theme Parks Discuss The Disney touch, what makes it so magical? in the Vacation Planning forums; The Disney touch can't be duplicated, all the little things, the little details throughout the parks make the experience so magical. What little touches or details do you love the ...
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    Question The Disney touch, what makes it so magical?

    The Disney touch can't be duplicated, all the little things, the little details throughout the parks make the experience so magical. What little touches or details do you love the most?

    For example:

    The talking drinking fountains.
    The Tiki Gods with the drum music in Adventureland.
    I love the background music in Future World at night with the twinkling lights in the pavement...

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    Cast members. I can't count the number of times the little conversations I've had made me think they were waiting just for me to show up.
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    Guest as wonderful as all of you help make the Disney Magic so magical. If it wasn't for our guest - there would be no Walt Disney Company
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    I love the decor...right down to the pavement/walkways...everything is so well themed, it's amazing!
    - Jennifer

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    Probably around somewhere... most likely quoting Pirates.... or maybe not...
    I think the little details are a part of it. The Imagineers leave no stone unturned when furnishing attractions and parks.

    Cast members also play a big part. Endless little tidbits you can find out about from them.

    I've asked myself this question before, why does it feel so magical when you are at WDW? Because of the fantastic work put into it, I think.
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    Ok, I don't mean to be mean but I don't think the Disney touch isn't a "touch" at all.

    It's just that feeling you get from feeling like a little kid again.

    The Disney touch is that feeling you get when you stare at Cinderella's Castle and can't help but find yourself smiling.

    True, the little details help all the time, and it's the feeling that they learn to put inside of you that makes it so magical. It's all these people who try their hardest to make your experience magical.

    The Disney touch is seeing a little child's face brighten up when they see Mickey for the first time in Magic Kingdom.

    The Disney touch is when you uncontrollably stare in wonder at the sky as it lights up in colors and explosions during Illuminations!

    Boy, this would make a good article.
    Remember, Dreams Come True!

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    I love the detailed theming. I walk from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland and immediately I get the vibe there. Same in Epcot thru the countries, and at the MGM Studios, I feel like it is Hollywood.

    I also love the charecter interaction-it cannot be contrived, it is those great moments we rember-the first time my son saw pooh, the first time I saw Wendy and Peter pan...

    Also, the rides! They are so well done, there is no substitute.
    I am in need of some Disney magic!!

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    To me its the detail.

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    To me it is always the people. I mean sure Disney is exspensive to do under most circumstances. But you know what, you get to stay in a place where people treat you great, and they are always thinking of your fun. There is not many places on earth where I can guarantee that feeling inside of me, when I step on their property. Castmembers and nostalgia do so much for me.

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    i think it's all these things combined!! there's just no place else quite like it...the feeling, the details, the's just being surrounded by magic and stepping out of reality and into a totally different world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyFREAK91

    Boy, this would make a good article.

    Agreed! Have it on my desk by Monday morning
    -Pat (Disneydame2004)
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    WDW is the embodiment of something that we all share, which is why a community such as this breeds such easy friendships.

    The Disney philsophy... the belief.... the allowing yourself to always feel like a child, with never a cause for concern about ridicule... to never wanting to grow up... to getting a simple joy out of hugging a costumed character, no matter your age... to smiling when you enter the Magic Kingdom, just because you're THERE...

    These simple things and so many more demonstrate who we are as people, and it is the friendly smiles on the faces of Cast and Guest that always allow us to feel like we're "home"
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    I think part of it, too, is something that we help create. If we didn't have open hearts ready to embrace all WDW has to offer, it wouldn't be so special. We have to be ready to slow down, smell the roses, visit with castmembers and guests, notice the pixie dust sprinkled everywhere...
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    being there gets your mind off all the bad things going on in Iraq & stuff right now, a relief from that. Puts you in a better & happier frame of mind. Same w/what y'all all said! We need some photos here! Hey Lou, great podcast!


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