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WDW Theme Parks Discuss AK touring plan in the Vacation Planning forums; I will be at AK on 4/38 and i've been trying to figure out a plan for it. i know Everest will be packed of course, but so will the ...
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    Question AK touring plan

    I will be at AK on 4/38 and i've been trying to figure out a plan for it. i know Everest will be packed of course, but so will the Safari. Also I heard you should hit pagani trail early or it gets crowded. the only option i can think of is go to everest grab a FP and hike all the way across to Safari and pagani. any better plan would be very much appreciated. if not, how long does it take to get from EE to safari? ive never been to AK so I have no clue.

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    Ok, here is my suggestion to ya! Get there before opening, at rope drop, head as fast as you can to the right - towards Asia. Send your fastest person ahead with all your tickets and have them grab a fast pass for EE. Then ride EE. During the time in between your first ride and fast pass time, go walk the pangini trail and check out the bats and tigers! If you have more time than just that, take the new trail past the old Tarzan theatre over to Dinosaur. The lines for this just aren't like they used to be.
    After your fast pass ride, cut over the back past the bird show over to the safari. The wait line may have died down by now, but if not, check out the fast pass time. Grab one, oh wait, was that a moving plant? Make sure to keep an eye out for Devine - she likes to hang out back here!
    While waiting for your fast pass time to come, check out the shops in Africa or eat at the Tusker House - yummy food! That or head over to the Tree of Life and check out It's Tough to be a Bug.
    Once you have ridden the safari, you really should see The Festival of the Lion King. I will warn you though, the hike from Africa to Camp Minnie Mickey is pretty may have to stop for a Mickey Premium ice cream bar on the way, just a suggestion.

    Once you have seen the show, you have done pretty much everything - you could check out Pocahontas while you are there. If you have kids, they let them sit down in the front.

    Ok, if th epark is not closing by now, go back and check out the scenery, the animals and all the atmosphere the park has to offer. The afternoon parade is really cute and fun!

    Above all, HAVE FUN!!!
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    It doesn't take long, the park is spread out, but just follow the signs.

    Here's a hint, if you get there as soon as the park opens, and there are lines to get in, do NOT go in the main entrance, go in the entrance in Rain Forest. Just go through the shop and enter the private entrance there. It will get you ahead of all the people waiting in line to get in. That's how I always get in, in the morning!

    I'd say to on the Safari once in the morning (when the animals first get out) and then once later in the afternoon. They are bound to be a bit different.

    It takes about probably 10 minutes to go back and forth between the two. I would say grab a fast past for Everest, or just get in line for it. All the times I've waited in line, the line goes pretty fast, and it has some great decor.

    I would say go on the safari and then once you are off, go on the trail right outside the exit, because you are there and this way you don't have to come back! Then to cut to Everest after the safari, head left once your a bit past the tusker house and you'll head towards Everest. There are signs though.

    Go on It's Tough To be a Bug later in the day. It has a shorter line later in the day, and you can find it to go on for like 5 minutes. The water rapids, you might get drenched if you go on it, so plan it accordingly.

    The afternoon parade is AWESOME!!!! I was in it once, cuz they pick people from the crowd randomly.

    Just rely on your guidemap and you'll be fine. Also if you get lost, don't be afraid to ask for disney cast members, and follow the signs in the park. You'll have an amazing time! :-)
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