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WDW Theme Parks Discuss the adventurers club in the Vacation Planning forums; we've been to pleasure island before but only to the comedy club and mannequins and i'd love to know what i'm missing at the adventurers club ...can you guys fill ...
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    the adventurers club

    we've been to pleasure island before but only to the comedy club and mannequins and i'd love to know what i'm missing at the adventurers club ...can you guys fill me in on at least some of the secrets!!i know somebody knows but i get the feeling it's a surprise for first timers like myself!!!!
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    Sorry bud, but there is NO WAY I'm letting you in on anything. But DO go and enjoy yourself. I promise you will be back--again--and again--and again--and again. In fact, you will probably go back every night of your vacation, you will love it that much.

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    If you are into interactive comedy then the Adventurer's Club is for you. I also will not say what goes on inside. Only because what goes on depends on the crowd. But if you don't mind being part of the entertainment, go in and Kongaloosh!
    Keep your hands and arms inside the post at all times and remember no smoking or flash photography please!

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    I have never been but I have to go since i hear it's so much fun. Is there a cover charge? Can kids get in?

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    If you want to be part of the fun, then be sure to wear matching shirts, or something else to draw attention to yourself.
    As far as children are concerned, they are allowed in all of the clubs accompanied by adults, except for Mannequins and BET Soundstage. That doesn't mean they BELONG there, but they are allowed there.

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