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Poll: Favorite MK Ride At Night

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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Favorite Magic Kingdom Ride At Night in the Vacation Planning forums; Big Thunder Mountain...
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    Big Thunder Mountain

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    I love the views from splash mtn at night. Especially at the can see both space mtn and the castle right next to each other. They are so bright compared to everything and just look great.
    Haunted Mansion is also cool at night bc when your walking up to the entrance, it has a spookier feeling that makes the inside that much better.
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    Splash Mountain is the coolest at night. It's so amazingly beautiful especially when you hear all of the people screaming going down the hill. Haunted Mansion is the best ride though because it just makes everything spookier at night which makes this ride a lot cooler than in daylight.

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    Even though I am not a big fan of the Astro Orbiter, it is pretty sweet at night.

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    I'm going with Splash Mountain here. When you are going around the outside near the top...the view is breathtaking, the air is cool and everything looks different on the ride. Two for one!!
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    I always liked Astro Orbitor, because everything in Tomorrowland is covered in lights, so it feels really cool to be zipping by everything. also, if you're up there during the fire works, sometimes the cast members let you stand on the deck to watch a bit.

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    I always wait to ride Splash Mountain at night. There is ever hardly a line compared to what you experience during the day. I'm a hardcore theme park rider, no matter if it's freezing out or raining and the water rides are operational..I'm there!

    In September, I convinced my boyfriend (whom only went to Disneyland once 15 years ago) to ride Splash Mountain with me at night, telling him it was the coolest experience ever. He was having a great time in the "front seat' watching the fireworks go off and the castle change to different colors. Once we turned the corner to go down the first plunge he was absolutely covered in massive wave of water. Though he was grumpy that he had to walk the remainder of the park wet, it was worth the view of all the lights and fireworks from the ride.
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    I love Splash Mountain at night. I didn't go on it during the fireworks, I went on it at around 1:30am. It was cool doing the drop in the dark, and it looked so cool at night from the top.
    Haunted Mansion scared me at night. I went on it at 1am, and it was so creepy.

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    Big Thunder Mountain is the BEST! It is so cool at night, and when you go around the turn and see the cabin on fire on Tom Sawyer Island! Its so fun! I want to ride it tonight right now!

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    splash Mountain is really fun at night you can't tell when you go down Chick-A-PiN Hill. well, you can tell when you see the buzzards...
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    I have to say that the Haunted Mansion is the best at night. Haunted is made for the night time.


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    I just have to say that i EQUALLY Love BTMR and SM at might. I've ridden them all at night (small lines) and those are by far thes best, although I have yet to catch the lights on in Space from the WEDway People Mover (yea, i'm old skool 2)

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    i wanna try splash mountain at night now, no seriously right NOW!

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    HM at night when it's lit up, makes it a way better can really get in to the story
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    probably dumbo cause i haven't been on any others at night
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