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WDW Theme Parks Discuss What kind of souvenirs to do you shop for? in the Vacation Planning forums; i'm not sure what i'll get this is my first trip but the one thing i do want is i want to get a set of minnie ears withmy daughters ...
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    i'm not sure what i'll get this is my first trip but the one thing i do want is

    i want to get a set of minnie ears withmy daughters name on them!
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    OK, you had to ask - Balls!!

    ... I collect the Disney (and others) Baseballs!!!

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    I like stuff I can use. blankets, mugs, magnets, towels, etc. I'm not much for bric-a-brac (like snowglobes, figurines, etc.).

    my wife and I agreed (for the time being) not to get into pin collecting because we both like them so much that if we ever bought one, we wouldn't be able to stop.

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    shot glasses and stuffed animals...

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    Pins, HM stuff, any other random stuff I find on the way... lol

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    I try to get a different Eeyore beanie every is getting harder to do since I have so many now, but so far I have been able to find one. I got a cool key chain this last trip, key to the haunted mansion. My brother collects shot glasses so I have bought him many, and he was with me this last trip and got a couple more.
    He also liked the pins and bought a few, I have bought pins but I'm not a trader or a real collector I have just bought some that caught my eye.

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    I LIKE TOYS! I got a Pirate gun and some action figures here and there. Next time i want to get a rifle I found at Adventureland, maybe a cowboy gun I found in Adventureland, and if i'm correct, I think they sell toy swords near Cinderella castle. I could be wrong though. Oh, I love small trinkets based on movies. Such as the cursed treasure in Pirates of the Carrabien. I loved that thing T-shirts rock too. You can never have too many T-shirts
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    I hate to say it, but I think I've matured a lot since the last time I went to WDW(14,18,& 20.) Back then, I shopped for things like Princess hats and other things to use while I was there.(I,literally, maxed out my credit card there when I was 18.) Now, I like things that I can incorporate into my home decor or wardrobe. Hey, even though I've grown up I'll always be a kid at heart! : )
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    Sorry for bumping this old thread, but thought it was interesting. I've lately gone for two types: Practical for myself (clothes, hats, watches), Disney-unique for others (a monkey marionette from Epcot for my son, Norwegian jewelry for my wife and Norwegian Mickey ears for her mom).
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    I have a collection of Mickey plushes for various times of the year; Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day so I'm always looking to add to that. Then I also look for small, unusual Mickey statues. If I visit a different city or country, I like to look for Disney t-shirts with the name of the town. I am alway on the lookout for a good Disney bargain shirt, jewelry or kitchenware.
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    I used to get numerous things from the magic shop back in the day. But now, usually a form of warm clothing to bring back home to MI, or some odd trinket.
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    Star Wars T shirts from the Studios. Next trip it'll be a tea pot from the China Pavillion in Epcot and a T Shirt.
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    I usually like things I can bring with me to work and such so that a piece of the magic is always there. (Pens, stationary, journals, etc are always nice additions.) I enjoy getting things with either Minnie Mouse or Chip 'n Dale on them just because the rank as my top two faves. As far as the pins go, I bought one last year to celebrate my return visit to Fort Wilderness. I certainly look forward to purchasing a few more in less than a month!
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    Usually I always buy a shirt for myself each visit. I don't stick to one particular character - but Mickey is my favorite.

    Last year we went for Spring break and we won the YOMD lanyards and pins so now I am into pin collecting. I can't wait to get down there and get some new ones!

    No particular shops...I like them ALL!

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    I love the "real" souvenirs like actual park stuff. I just won this from There's just something about the fact that it actually hung in the park during the Happiest Celebration on Earth.
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