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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Keys to the Kingdom in the Vacation Planning forums; Has Anyone Been on this tour. If so how is it and do you get to go on any of the rides?...
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    Keys to the Kingdom

    Has Anyone Been on this tour. If so how is it and do you get to go on any of the rides?

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    I just went on this tour on June 6th. It was a little over 4 hours long, and we rode the Haunted Mansion and the JUngle Cruise. I loved this tour, our guide was named Matthew, he was really funny and very entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour, it was very informative. Also getting to see the Utilidors was a very unique experience. Feel free to ask me any quesitons you might have, but I found this tour to be highly worth it.
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    the KttK tour is VERY worth it
    our guides name was Jeff (if i remember correctly) and we went around the MK first stop was the little side street on Main Street and then we went over to adventureland and he gave us the choice PotC or JC we chose JC and we went around without the corny jokes and all that from the tour guide!!
    then we went to look at the PotC facade and we took a look at forced perspective there and then we went "backstage" behind splash mtn. and we look at some of the parade storage area and looked at some other stuff
    then it was lunch time at the columbia harbour house!
    after thAT we went on the Haunted Mansion and we rode it getting all this insider info (we had little ear pieces so that we could hear our guide!) and when we got off we went to see the utilidors we spent about and hour and 1/2 down there !
    "it was pretty neat i highly recommend it to you

    our tour lasted about 5 hours!
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    I went on the tour myself in March. It was great! Just be sure you are there on time, My Mom and I were driving from Tampa and were about 10 minutes late. Though they still took us to the group, it just makes you feel stupid to show up late.

    It started out on Main Street, telling allot of about the history and cool facts.

    The rides we went on were the Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion. And our guide told us about the time when the Haunted Mansion was playing It's A Small World music inside.

    Lunch was good as well, it was at the Columbia Harbor House in a "private" area.

    And my favorite part, the Utilidors!

    Well, I don't want to give too much away, but I give it a 10 out of 10.

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    I took this tour last year and had a GREAT time. I was actually by myself as my friend had gotten ill and stayed at the resort.

    It did last about 5 hours. Lunch at the Columbia Harbour House was great, I had never eaten there before. We rode Pirates without a wait. We went back behind Splash Mountain and into the Utilidoors. Also, backstage at the Haunted Mansion was a lot of fun.

    While I didn't learn that many new things (thanks to Lou's book, I know it all, hee hee). I enjoyed the "off stage" experience and had a great time.
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    I actually talk about the tour on our next podcast! Look for it on Sunday!
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    All I can say is DO IT!!! I loved my Keys to the Kingdom Tour. I went on the first one of the day when I took it so We had Main Stret to ourselves for the first part of the tour. We rode JC , PoC and HM . Got to see some behind the scene stuff but we were sworn to secrecy. As one post said before I did know quite a bit of the info but I still learned some and gained a new appreciation of how the park functions and the dedication that it takes to keep the "magic" alive. It was well worth the price and I hope to do it again someday. Oh and my guide was Mary. This was a few years back I don't know if she is still giving tours or not.

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