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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Going to the ER from ambulance in the Vacation Planning forums; ER @ WDW OK, so this is probably one of those stories that my wife doesn't want me to tell, but I think it's dang interesting so I'm going to ...
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    Going to the ER from ambulance

    ER @ WDW

    OK, so this is probably one of those stories that my wife doesn't want me to tell, but I think it's dang interesting so I'm going to inform you. Quick back story, wife had an operation a week before our 10 day trip to Disney World. She had her gallbladder removed. They told her to watch her diet, that some things she eat may react to her stomach. Another note, the day of the even was our 5th anniversary.
    After eating breakfast at the Crystal Palace, we headed over to Epcot to see a friend of hers. As we changed Monorails, she came down with a major pain in the upper abdomin area. This had happened before, and it usually disappeared within a half hour. At Epcot, she couldn't walk anymore. She sat at the bench on the top level of the Monorail station, and kept her focus on breathing. I sent my mom back to the hotel with my son, and sat and waited for the pain to decrease.
    It didn't decrease. She whispered that she needed help, after about 4 monorail trains went by. I went down and luckily saw a guy on a bike, Disney World security. I held the door open for the guy, and then he tried riding his bike up the first of many ramps. He was unable to, actually in quite a bit of pain himself for trying it. I passed him and he caught up by walking his bike. At the top, he asked a lot of questions that I felt he didn't really need to know (was wrong). And then he called the ambulance. Next thing I know, this other security card, this time in black and blue, showed up. He said that he had rushed over as soon as he heard the call. He wasn't sweating, didn't look too tired, so I don't think he "rushed" but calmly walked. I could be wrong, at that time, I was way worried about the wife.
    Then I was told that the ambulance had shown up. The first security guard called over his walkie talkie and said to make sure the ambulance went up the exit ramp to where we were standing. At the side of my eye, I saw a guy lift his arm to his mouth, then I heard an OKAY over the walkie talkie, and then the guy lowered his arm. I looked up and down on the ground floor were these two guys who looked just like me just standing there. It was amazing, was I actually seeing the hidden security of Disney World. So I asked. The first guard said "yes, but don't tell anybody." I didn't take any pictures (probably would have been shot), but I'll tell you one thing, you would never notice these guys even if you were looking right at them. I'm guessing their talking devices are in their sleeves. All I can say is, I WANT THAT JOB!!
    I had to stop staring when the ambulance people showed up. Two of the nices guys in the world. They kept me calm, asked my wife questions, and took the information from the security guard (which is why he wrote it down). They gave her some laughing gas in the ambulance, which made the pain go down, and we were off to the hospital. The paramedic that stayed in the back was calm, and made some pretty good jokes. Either way, kept us calm and left us feeling even more comfortable about staying with the Disney Resort.
    As for the hospital, talk about kid friendly. The hospital is in Celebration and has a fish tank, a kid playing room, an area outside that is surrounded by the hospital so they don't have any place to go, and a lot of the rooms are decorated with under water scenes. The doctor that helped us out was unbelievably nice, paramedics were nicer, but she was cool.
    By the time we finally got looked at, the pain had ceased and we were anxious to get back to Hoop Dee Doo Review for our 5:15 dinner reservation. The doctor understood and made things go faster so we could get out of there. Fortunately, all the tests came out fine, and we were on our way. We got a taxi, arrived at the front of Fort Wilderness, and realized that we either had to catch a bus or make a run for it. It was currently 5:07 (taxi drivers in Orlando believe that 55 miles per hour was fast). So we took off on a run, I know, wife just got out of the ER and here we are running for Pioneer Hall. We arrived at Pioneer Hall at 5:28 (my mom and son arrived at around 5), and we walked in with the actors.
    As for my wife, looks like a stone was released into her body and causing her pains. So she's back into the hospital with checks. The paramedics were awesome, and the security guards, while not the strongest of people, were an extreme help. As for the plain clothesman, THEY ARE OUT THERE, BEWARE ;-)

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    Glad everything turned to be ok(or at least not trip ending). I always thought there was security out there that we would never notice, thanks for the confirmation. Prayers and pixie dust to the wife that everything works out well.
    Oh and of course... WELCOME to the boards!!

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    Glad to hear wife is doing better and I hope everything works out OK. As for security yes they are out there. I say a female "tourist" come out of a kitchen area at an AK restaurant and she said hi or bye to someone going into the kitchen and they didn't seemed surprised to see her. So my thought is she was undercover security. Yes, she looked like you or I (well not me cause I'm a guy ) but you get the picture. Dressed in tourist atire with her shopping bag.

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    Glad to hear that your wife is doing okay
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