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WDW Theme Parks Discuss how scary is dinosaur? in the Vacation Planning forums; My post is going to be a little different than it was going to be before I read all of these existing posts because some good points were made. My ...
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    My post is going to be a little different than it was going to be before I read all of these existing posts because some good points were made.

    My personal opinion: I rode Dinosaur the first and only time in 2001 with my best friend, her husband and my adult son. It scared me SO badly I actually cried through 1/2 the ride and have not been on since. I have ridden Indiana Jones at Disneyland many times. Once I get past that snake leaning down at me (I always scream even though I know it's coming) I am fine. I love the Indy ride. But, Dinosaur terrified me but I did not find it terribly jerky, do not recall any big drops and would not think should cause motion sickness.

    AFTER reading these posts: I agree that Dinosaur is very loud and I do not do well with loud noises; Dinosaur is very dark with things suddenly appearing right in front of you which I also do not handle well; and my friends got me in a front, outside seat which made it really bad for me personally.

    I've never been able to get back on that ride HOWEVER after reading these posts I may attempt Dinosaur again if I can be assured I could sit on an "inside" seat.

    I'd say give it a go at least once! If you get really frightened just close your eyes tightly until end of ride like I did. It wasn't bad once I closed my eyes, lol.
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    my kids ride it with there eyes closed and in the floor if they can .........but they still like to ride it
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    It is bumpy and dinosaurs DO jump out at you. Not for the people who get grossed out at a dinosaur slurping and chomping on a human[ thats in the ride]!Any way, I love it!
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    I do not scare easily and I was suprised at how scared I was the first ride through - I will say that I came out grinning and ready for another go 'round!
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