My review... it's good, I'll give it that. And I agree with Paul that the costumes are really sweet (I love blue, and it looks great with the castle back in it's original blue and white splendor and a clear blue sky), but I find that I had a bit more trouble really "feeling" the characters than I did in Cinderellabration which it replaced. In effect it's almost the same show (as Cinderellabration), but with different characters and the addition of a short "villian" segment. Basically, Mickey and crew call on you to believe in your dreams, and the little plotline is dressed up with with lots of dancing, upbeat music, and the same lift/fireworks finale it's predecessor offered. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it seemed to me like just a "new" version of Cinderellabration. No doubt I will watch it time and time again... I just wouldn't go calling it the best show on property.

Here's a couple pics... Go ahead, click 'em.