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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Top MGM Studios Attractions in the Vacation Planning forums; Well i did it for MK and there was one for heres MGM My pick.....Tower Of Terror...need i explain???...
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    22 DRIVING hours away from WDW...(Chi-town)

    Top MGM Studios Attractions

    Well i did it for MK and there was one for heres MGM

    My pick.....Tower Of Terror...need i explain???
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    Iv been ON space mountain when the lights were on!!! not in line...i was ON THE RIDE!!! I know your jealous...

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    Couldn't decide, i like roller coasters yet i like all the shows at MGM

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    I can't decide!
    I love the Muppets, Aerosmith and Fantasmic!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by C-Howdizzle View Post
    Well i did it for MK and there was one for heres MGM

    My pick.....Tower Of Terror...need i explain???
    there is also one for MK
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    Fantasmic All the way.
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    Has to be the Mermaid for me!!

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    Easily the Tower of Terror. Excellent theming, fun ride, I even love the queue!


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    It always comes down tot eh ToT

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    I was gonna say Rockn' Roller Coaster, but I must say, Fantasmic is by far the best show in all of Walt Disney World!
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    For us its the Rock n' Rollercoaster. We go there and ride it over and over. I love it. Then we head to the Tower of Terror with our Fast Passes (i would rank TT #2 in my book).
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    Fantasmic is my favorite. I love seeing so many of the characters come together in one show. It is an end to a truely magical day.

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    no possible way to pick only one!! i love the little mermaid, muppet 3-D, star tours, indy jones, backlot tour.........ok so i'm basically naming just about everything....

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    Gotta love One Man's Dream!!!!!
    It's a good thing!

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    I think MGM is my least favorite park- mainly because I am a scaredy cat and afraid to ride the Tower of Terror and the Rockin' Rollercoaster. I do, however, really love Fantasmic.

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    I'm a mark for The Great Movie Ride. I know that it's hokie but I can't help myself.
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