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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Top Animal Kingdom Attraction in the Vacation Planning forums; The Safari is the animal kingdom...
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    The Safari is the animal kingdom

    Celebrating Disney's Animal Kingdom

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    Dinosaur, Kilimanjaro Safari, Kali River Rapids (when I am in the mood to get wet or have a change of clothes with me), Its Tough to be a Bug and Maharajah Jungle Trek are my favorites. I am also a HUGE fan of the theme and feel of this place.
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    I want to hear from the person who chose TriceraTop Spin!
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    I have always thought Countdown to Extinction is really cool and It's Tough to be a Bug is fun!!

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    I love Kilimanjaro Safaris because it is always different - you never know what animals you will see and what they will be doing! The best part is when there are animals on the safari trail and you get to sit there and just watch the animals around you. I've gotten some pretty good pictures that way

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    I voted for EE, which I absolutely love, but to be honest, my favorite attraction at DAK is the ambiance of the park itself. I think this park is distinctly different from the other 3 - more conducive to relaxation. I always find myself seeking out a quiet niche where I can sit and people watch and just appreciate my surroundings.

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    No doubt about it... Disney Imagineers hit a home run with Expedition Everest!

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    I think the part wouldn't really exist without the Safari. Even if they do use an air conditioner to make those lions pose, the safari really elevates the experience to something beyond the normal amuseument park. I was thrilled when they returned the "shaky bridge," but not so much with the voice transplant for "Wilson."
    Anywaaaaay, Disney did a great job theming all those walkways and trails to feel so exotic, and I get a charge out of just walking around in AK.

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    I like Expedition Everest. To be honest, as a roller coaster it isn't a high-thrill ride. But the detailing and the concept (especially where you go backwards) is terrific.
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    Quote Originally Posted by allie cat View Post
    I think the part wouldn't really exist without the Safari.
    I agree wholeheartedly. The Safari is Animal Kingdom. You never know exactly what you are going to see. You could ride this back to back, and it would still be different. Disney hit a home run with Animal Kingdom, and it is only getting better.
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    I love the safari, FotLK & the Jungle Trek. I was really impressed with Lion King - it was really great!

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    Re: Top Animal Kingdom Attraction

    I think Expedition Everest is the absolute best ride I have ever been on.
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    Re: Top Animal Kingdom Attraction

    I get that EE is popular, but I think more in terms of friendly for the whole family... which led me to vote for Kilamanjaro Safaris. All ages can enjoy it, and it's the essence of the whole park (without trekking through a jungle on foot!)

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    Re: Top Animal Kingdom Attraction

    Oh please, I really can愒 make a decision. All things are great to do there

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    Re: Top Animal Kingdom Attraction

    Kilimanjaro-it is never the same, something is always different even if you ride back to back. Also just the memorys made me vote for it. I still remember riding when I was 5 or 6 during the DVC preview and getting freaked out on the shakey bridge.

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