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WDW Theme Parks Discuss Obscure favorites? in the Vacation Planning forums; I was talking with one of my friends the other day about my recent trip and we were talking about our favorite attractions. So I was wondering, does anyone have ...
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    Obscure favorites?

    I was talking with one of my friends the other day about my recent trip and we were talking about our favorite attractions. So I was wondering, does anyone have any obscure favorites (like maybe a statue or something else that others might not even notice)? Or maybe you like an attraction for what you consider a unique reason? Heck I don't even know if this thread will get anywhere, but I was curious. I'll even get the ball rolling with mine...

    I love love love "Journey Into Imagination With Figment", why? Because my absolute favorite Python, Eric Idle, plays Dr. Nigel Channing. The attraction itself is very fun for all ages, but I love the fact that two of my favorite things (Disney and Monty Python...albiet in a roundabout way) have been brought together. I know there are rumors going around that this ride might go through another rehab, but I really hope they don't change it. I love it the way it is.

    Okay so there you go, who's next

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    Ok, I'll bite. ONE of my favorites is Tomorrowland Transit Authority. It's a tradition that the first thing we do when we arrive is get on TTA and check out everything that's going on and "soak up the atmosphere." A great way to relax from your travels and REALLY get the Disney spirit.

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    I love the TTA, even though I've gotten "stuck" on it
    more than I've wanted to, it's still my favorite, and we
    always have to ride it at least a dozen times on our trip
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    hmmmmm not that this is anything obscure or anything, but i love the "routine" my family and i have everytime we go. it just makes it so perfect and even though we may mix it up, its just something we HAVE to do.
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    I second the comment on the TTA... my husband and I love to hit the TTA a few times throughout our day to unwind or wait for a fast pass time.

    I think one of my favorite "Obscure" things is the little bush of Stitch that is around the corner from Stitch's Great Escape and to the left (if you're looking at it) of the restaurant there that is across from the speedway.
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    For us, it is the area around the Tree of Life in the Animal Kingdom. So few people actually take the time to walk the trails and see the animals. Most people are in a rush to EE or the Safari, that they don't take time to walk the trails. And those people that see "It's Tough to be a Bug 3D" think that they've seen all that the Tree of Life has to offer since you have to walk on some trails to get to the show.

    It may not be "our little secret," but it sure feels like it. So, if you've done it all at the AK, and need a little relaxation, make sure to check out all of the trails around the Tree of Life. You'll be surprised at what you might find!

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    I agree with the TTA comments - "Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tommorrow"

    My favorite obscure things are a little strange. One of my favorite things about WDW is that no matter how much the outside world is changing - WDW looks and feels much the same now (at 26) as it did at 3 and 10 and 16 etc etc..which is why I am so adverse to change, especially at MK.

    So i love...the little mailbox in Splash M that says "Poppy" ...the old last scene of PoC with the prince tied up in the treasure room (grrrrrrr - do not like new last scene), I love the dishes in the ballroom scene on HM, the giant "cookie" astroids in Space M, the "help" clown in Small World etc etc etc
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    The British Invasion or The World Showcase Players

    British Invasion is cool cuz its like...ya know, The Beatles. Normally when we see them there's hardly anybody around! its in Epcot in the courtyard in England. Good show! Theyre kind of old tho (sorry if i offend anyone by that last comment but its easy to say that when youre 14)

    World Showcase Players is like, Hilarious! but dont watch the same show twice cuz they repeat some jokes but not all of them. for those of you who dont know, theyre a group of improv actors who go around in a cart and put on a play. If youre in England, its King Arthur, and if youre in Italy, its Romeo and Juliet, but its not Juliet its somebody else, i just cant remember the name. anyways its really funny, go see it.

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