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WDW Trivia and Games Discuss The Story Game...Disney Style! in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; 'Wishes' was about to start...
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    'Wishes' was about to start
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    All of a sudden, from behind them, they heard.......

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    Maleficent running at them and yellilng at the top of her lungs...."

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    I thought it might be interesting to see where this story has taken us so far:

    Goofy was wandering about the Magic Kingdom when one day he saw a little duck who was swimming in the lagoon around the castle. When Goofy came and took the duck to ride Splash Mountain. Duck loved splash Mountain so much he want ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, so off they went. Duck didn't like BTMR that much that he ran to the restroom to wash up. Then he went to Epcot to meet Figment who was busy causing mayhem and hilarity on Test Track while Donald's friends were all waiting at Mission Space but all of a sudden they heard a loud noise coming from a tree. They walked over and looked up and saw Mickey who was hiding from Ezra, the Hitchhiking ghost because he had cow pox. "Oh boy!" Mickey said as he saw Goofy and his duck, "Could you help me, I seem to be lost. Donald and Goofy took him over to see Figment. Figment was glad to help Mickey! Goofy and his Duck took Mickey to the Monorail, after Figment had told them that as usual, the fastpasses were shut down on the best rides at Epcot. So they got on the monorail to go to Magic Kingdom. They were very excited for 'Wishes' was about to start. All of a sudden, from behind them, they heard Maleficent running at them and yelling at the top of her lungs....
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    "Everyone run, Ezra has Cow Pox!"

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    Re: The Story Game...Disney Style!

    They all screamed and ran towards...
    MUSTARD! Let's not be silly!
    Nemo's gunna touch the BUTT!IMAAAAAGINAAAATION!
    A silly spook will sit by your side!
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