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WDW Trivia and Games Discuss Stitch in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; Which men's room can you hear Stitch?? What does he say or do??...
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    Which men's room can you hear Stitch?? What does he say or do??

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    OK, this is a new one, but sure hope someone answers.

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    Actually I believe you can hear him in the lady's room as well... and I believe it's the restrooms in Tomorrowland if I remember right. I've yet to hear him myself but I once heard a little girl insisting to her mother that she heard Stitch in the vents of the bathroom and her mom acting like she was nuts. LOL
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    Yeah, don't know about this one, but it's probably in the restroom under the old Skyway station.
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    That's soooo cool. I;m gonna look for it or ask a cast member

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